What should I do, who should i be with?

What should I do, who should i be with? Topic: How to write a care plan for patients
June 21, 2019 / By Evette
Question: I know I've asked this before and its lame to re-ask and im sorry but im really at a loss Im in a long term relationship, over 3 years, with a girl, harlow, and i love her more than life i couldn't imagine life with out her and i don't plan on having to. But now im having very strong feelings for another girl, johanna, and they feel close to impossible to let go of. Im not sure what to do. I could never tell Harlow of these feeling because it would kill her, i have been the best bf i could but i still have hurt her before, and im not sure if johanna is reciprocating these. Joannah has been, i think flirting with me, she's helping be get a female perspective on a short story im writing and right now the two people that illustrate us the most is the couple she wants to pull threw. And harlow and i have been feeling very distant, to me, and it seems like she has been less physically attracted to me, which i know isn't everything but is still big to me, yet i still love her does joannah even like me we've been talking a lot more during our classes togeather when i told her bye for sp she stopped to talk to me and she laghed at a stupid joke i made about wanting to go to sleep, she was on the floor so idk if she just thinks im stupid
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Colleen Colleen | 3 days ago
You can't imagine life without Harlow yet you have strong feelings for Joannah. You not being able to imagine life without Harlow can be sweet or it can be confusing. In this case it's confusing because could it be that you've been with her so long that you don't know how things will be without her? Or could it be you're afraid of leaving her for Joannah because you care about Harlow too much? Best thing you can do is talk to Harlow, not about Joannah, but about your issues in your relationship; about you feeling less attractive to her (physically), feeling very distant (chances are that if she's not telling you everything, she's telling it to someone else, and you don't want that), let her know how you feel and tell her that you don't like feeling this. There is always a better way of finding things out, so just talk to her about the things she does that bother you, and how it makes you feel. It's not her fault it bothers you, remember that, it's not your fault either... it's just the way you are. So ask her to be patient with you and to please help comfort you feeling the way you do. The feelings you feel about Joannah are the same you feel for Harlow, the only difference is that maybe you and Joannah don't have any issues to work out... and you like that, so at the moment you would choose her over Harlow. If you honestly want to work things out with Harlow, don't be afraid to talk about your problems, for example; If you want her to be happy, ask her what makes her happy. I wish the best for you bro. =]
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Bernadette Bernadette
You know, 3 years are really long.. and during these 3 years a kind of routine sets in. The blaze and fire which had attracted and made your relation lively in the start has kind of blown up. That's why your inner you is feeling attracted to Johanna. I won't really go into details. But all i want to advise you is to put up some spark and sauce in your relation with Harlow. Like i mean, surprise her. Go on a super date. Or do stuffs to really impress her.. Or try taking her out to the place where u guys first met and do things which u used to do in the beginning. this will serve to awake the sleepy flame of love which is in Harlow. And get to another brand new start with a new set of ambitions and aims. I think this will definitely work.. And you'll see that, once the dormant flame of love wakes up in Harlow and you then you'll automatically feel less attracted to Johanna.. And everything will be back to normal.. happy ever and after! :P
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Aeron Aeron
it sounds like you very much so like/love Harlow. I would stay with her. Because it doesnt really sound like Johanna likes you right now. and besides..do you really wanna loose a great girl you have now..for another girl who probably isnt as good as a gf as Harlow?? i dont think so...i hope you make the right decision. Arii (:
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Thane Thane
okay its not all about the whole touchy touchy feelings so calm down and go with what you heart say and not your body nor brain and go with da feeling and tell johanna to back off cuz you got a gurl and if dat dont work den go with johanna
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Preston Preston
Think about what happen if you married Harlow....is it nice? bad? annoying? etc. think the same about Johanna, how do you feel about them? can you see yourself with one of them?
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