Online homeschooling programs?

Online homeschooling programs? Topic: School papers to print math
July 18, 2019 / By Aretha
Question: I've been home schooled sine the ninth grade and I'm in the eleventh grade right now but all I really do is read sections in my books[math,health,language,ect.] and answer questions from the section,but it doesn't seem like enough. I need to find an online school where everything is recorded so I'm able to get a diploma.Otherwise I don't how I'm going to get one.[A free one would be nice]
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Zak Zak | 4 days ago
Homeschoolers rarely need an actual diploma. If it is just the piece of paper you want your parents can print one up and sign it. Colleges go by SAT/ACT scores and portfolios for homeschoolers. Just keep a good record of what text books you use along with your grades and samples of your work.
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Zak Originally Answered: Online homeschooling help! i need online courses for 9th grade but just read below?
If you aren't enrolled, you can register for classes. You need to enroll first. Why not homeschool independently? Since you have to pay for Keystone anyway, you may as well buy the curriculum you want instead. Why is earth science listed twice?

Shylock Shylock
I go to Ohio virtual Academy, which is a charter school in my state. I am sent books, a pc, a printer, everything i need. I get a diploma after high school, and have to take all of the tests like a public school. Attendance is required. State certified teacher and everything. Try going to k12.com and click on "Enroll Now" about mid point on the right side. click your state and it will show you public and private school options. It is also tuition free! Good luck!
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Odell Odell
Try kaplan , K12 or Connections Acedemy. They all have free homeschool options. Here are the states where they have programs. http://takecontrolofyoureducation.blogspot.com/ Best of Luck! Jana http://www.purehomeschooling.com/
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Odell Originally Answered: How can i get my mom to let me do online homeschooling?
1 - be reasonable, don't yell or scream or get frustrated when you try to convince her. most mothers can be convinced by a well-thought out essay or lots of evidence/statistics given to them. promise her you'll be responsible and self-motivated, live up to that promise 2 - i'm not sure if k12 is free, but i'd first look into virtual schools for your state. lots of states have state-funded virtual schools now. the important thing is that your virtual school is accredited. 3 - i make a schedule for myself. i usually take a couple hours every morning to complete work, Mon - Thursday but if i have exams that week then I can be doing work as late as sunday. 4 - it depends on how responsible you are. virtual school causes some students to fall grades behind and drop out, while other students accelerate grades ahead and graduate early. 5 - it depends on your academic history. if you've taken a bunch of courses and failed them and got poor grades, that's going to look terrible. test scores are more important here in my opinion.

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