So there's this guy I like.(High School)?

So there's this guy I like.(High School)? Topic: Computer homework desk
June 19, 2019 / By Clarissa
Question: Sorry if this sounds immature and that it's so long just skim it.... I'm in high school, a freshman, and lets just say I'm a late bloomer in the "looks department." This summer I grew into my looks, I suppose. I thinned out mostly and I look older than I am. But I'm completely inexperienced with guys. So I need some advice about this guy I like. He is in my last two periods: lunch and bio. After we were on friendly terms, I would talk to him about bio homework during lunch frequently. While chatting on facebook once, he said he had to get off the computer but gave me his number so we could keep talking. After winter break, we didn't talk as much. I got a haircut recently and it was a huge change and far more flattering. He started talking to me in the lunch line recently. I texted him, strategically asking him about homework. Once, in bio he gave me a look later in class that was so adorable. Also, I was sitting on my desk and he came up randomly and started playing with this tie string on the bottom of the side of my shirt that was considerably in my personal space. So we had been talking for about a week and on Valentine's Day, I went to give him some of the food I had brought in. On the way out of the cafeteria, he gave me a Sweet Heart candy that said "Hottie" and he cracked a smile and sort of 'dashed' away. I texted him after school about it and he said that a mutual friend gave it to him and no one would accept that one until I did. While we've been texting, I usually was the one to start a conversation. Yesterday, he texted me first. The Snow-Ball at my school is coming up in about a week or two. I heard its a girl-ask-guy dance unfortunately. He hasn't mentioned it or anything. Does it sound like this guy likes me or does it seem like its more in my head? What should I do about the dance? Any flirting tips or ways to see is he likes me? Please and thank you!
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Beatrice Beatrice | 4 days ago
Could be wrong, but take the chance, it sounds like he likes you, but is scared to say so. Anyway, if he's a good boy ask. Just make sure he doesn't get to far in your personal space. Especially don't feel that you need to catch up to other girls. There is nothing wrong with you liking guys and finding someone to go to the dance with, but go slow. Since you are inexperienced with guys, stay so in the more intimate term for a long, long time. It will do you good. Wait until your married really. You always wish you had, no matter what a seventeen year old says that lies about everything else too. Hope the dance and asking goes well. Have fun and go slow.
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Adelyna Adelyna
It seems like your pretty good in the flirting department, just ask him to the dance. It seems like he is flirting too but might just be a little scared. Just be brave and ask him. If he likes you he will appreciate the effort you made.
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Teigue Teigue
Sounds like he has you on check. You keep texting him first. Don't text him anymore. If he is interested in you then he will be the one to send the text.
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