I need more info for my essay. HELP?

I need more info for my essay. HELP? Topic: Good essays to copy
June 20, 2019 / By Affrikah
Question: its is about ancient roman art. and i have no clue what to write about. this is what i have so far:: Roman ancient art has been around for a long time and it is also used for different things. There are so many different types of ancient roman art. The most well known ancient art is pottery, mosaic and sculptures. Most of roman art is still around to this very day like pottery and sculptures. Romans took art seriously and used it to decorate theirs homes. Almost every home in Rome had art on the walls or on the floor, some houses even had them on their ceilings. Pottery is the most valuable art in the roman empire. Pottery is made from clay and then it is molded into different shapes and sizes to create bowls, plates, cups and many other things. When the clay is molded into the shape and design you want it to be then it is left out in the sun to dry, but now we use hot ovens to cook the pottery. Now a days pottery is expensive the amount of money ranges from $42-thousands of dollars. Pottery is important to us now because if pottery never existed then w would have no dishes and other eating appliances. Mosaics are created from tiny pieces of stone formed together to create a beautiful picture. Romans put the mosaics in the floor and on walls for their house guests to see and admire. Mosaics of the 4th century BC were found in the Macedonian palace-city of Aegae. Mosaics is a extremely popular roman art because it is very beautiful and it is also easy to create. Mosaics are put into the floor and used as floor tiles to decorate the rooms. Sculptures are also very well known because they are still around to this day. People all over the world create sculptures, but none of them compare to the Romans. The Romans made their sculptures out of bricks, stones, clay and concrete. They sculpted many things such as animals, gods and fountains. Sculptures are used now a days as decorations to resemble something or just to decorate a room. Roman art was important because with out it we would probably have no pottery, mosaics and sculptures. Roman art was well known for decorating their houses. Roman art was found in mostly every single house in Rome because it was colorful, creative and it brightens up their homes. We still use roman art to this day for decorations. I need info fast four pages due tomorrow. AHHH idc if its good. i just need 4 pages. haha
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Best Answers: I need more info for my essay. HELP?

Thorley Thorley | 2 days ago
OK - it appears that you have a good start. For quick advise, look at the reference below for Wikipedia for some ideas. Always reword what you read and research in your own words. If your teacher will allow for it, you could possibly copy some of the pictures for your essay - just put a note at the end to indicate where you found them. You could also look at any large museum on the Internet - say the Smithsonian in Washington DC to see what they have at their location. See the links for starters Also, do a Google search on the various terms you are learning.
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Quincy Quincy
I know you're not asking for critique on [what little you have of] your essay, but one thing you should know is that "things" isn't really a good word to use. Also, you have some grammatical errors. About the subject, just do some more research on it. [It's also best to not procrastinate on x-page reports so you're not panicking and rushing to get work done.] :)
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Malone Malone
conflict would be a significant topic on your essay. just about all the main religions unfold the way they did by using conflict and conquering. pass on Wikipedia and style in "unfold of Christianity" "unfold of Islam" and "unfold of Buddhism", the place you will discover a particular background. stable success!
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