How long can a cellist reasonably sustain a tremelo?

How long can a cellist reasonably sustain a tremelo? Topic: How to write a string quartet
July 19, 2019 / By Jakki
Question: I've been asked to write a string quartet, and unfortunately strings are the group of instruments with which I have the LEAST personal experience (being a woodwind player myself). This being said, I do have at least a little working knowledge and a pretty solid idea for the piece, except I want the cellist to do single 16th note tremelos at Quarter = 128 for quite awhile it seems. Is this feasible in terms of stamina or should I find another solution for the sound I'm after? Edit: I know, my instincts telling me to ASK the question is a huge clue, but still such information might be useful at a later date. Also occured to me maybe I should mention the time frame. About 34 bars in 4/4 time before the texture changes.
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Enya Enya | 2 days ago
String players are not limited by their breath and could theoretically sustain a tremeolo indefinitely. The longest I've seen a sustained tremelo is in Bruckner symphony four last movement, in which the strings sustain tremelos for about 3 minutes without break. Sibelius' Finnlandia also has an extended string tremelo section. Any decent high school cellist should be able to do what you've described. The cellist may not be thrilled at the prospect but it's certainly feasible.
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