Why am I afraid of the dark, and why does it get worse as I think about it?

Why am I afraid of the dark, and why does it get worse as I think about it? Topic: Best and worst case scenarios for business
June 25, 2019 / By Louisa
Question: Here's an example of what I'm trying to describe, to start off. I very frequently find myself at night having to go dashing top speed into the bathroom because I have to pass the dark living room and hallway where I can't see anything, and I try to turn on all the lights I can before I do it. I frantically reach for the light switch, flip it on, then close and lock the door behind me. Then I even feel compelled to check behind the shower curtain before I can be relaxed enough to do business. Then when I rush back into my room, I jump right up on my bed, afraid to even have my legs hanging over the edge. I have an adjustable light and I sleep with it just bright enough to see everything in the room. I can't sleep without it, and in fact I refuse to even be in any room without some sort of light in it. I start imagining things moving around me, and I start noticing every little sound that occurs in the room. It starts to feel like everything is happening really fast and it really makes me want to reach for a weapon sometimes to feel protected. I worry that I have some sort of trauma-related paranoia or something, because I really feel frightened all the time when I'm alone in the dark. I worry too because I am a 19-year old male, and I thought I should have been past all of this by now. Does anyone have some advice for me, maybe some recommendations for what could be causing my extreme paranoia and fright? I am not really sure what kind of childhood trauma could be causing this, so I guess it's not it. However I thought it may have been because I can't think of any other causes that would make it this severe. I don't know where to see a therapist around here and unfortunately I can't afford it right now either. As for the scary movies, I don't watch too many of them, but I do see a lot of things on the internet that have satanic messages or things that scare me, and for some reason I can't stop myself from coming into contact with these kinds of things. I forgot to mention as well when I was a child I was diagnosed with a minor case of tourettes. I still have a little bit of facial muscle twitches occasionally but I've managed to learn to handle those. Different subject though.
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Katlyn Katlyn | 6 days ago
I think you have a fear of the unknown. What is in the dark? We don't know until we turn on a light and can see that there is nothing ominous at all when the light is shed on the room. You are imagining all that could be there, when in actuality, nothing is there that wasn't there before you shut off the lights. I think you have some deep rooted fears regarding your health and you are needlessly worrying about being "too old" to be having these thoughts. Try to assign an importance to all the bad things you fear may happen. What is the worst thing that can happen? If it happens can you life with it? What is the worse trauma that can occur? Can you manage to handle that? Think of the worst case scenarios and then put some importance behind them. Will they really happen? What are the percentages that they do? What will happen if they do happen? Will you die or live? If you die, you have no more worries about them. But if you live you can live without fear knowing that the worse possible thing has happened and you lived through it and coming out with a much clearer knowledge of just what you are made of. Life is much too short to worry about things that may or may not happen. If they happen there is nothing we can do to stop them. If they don't happen we can be extremely glad that we lived through them and learned from the experience exactly how strong we really are. Don't bother worrying. It has never ever, throughout all time, changed one single thing. So why do you think you can change anything by worrying when it's never been done before?? But don't be ashamed of sleeping with a night light. That is your security and there is nothing wrong with that. You are normal, just going through some very frightening, emotional, imaginative times in your life. This too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever. Reason things out. Ask how important is this? Can I do anything about any of it? Will this last forever? I didn't get any belief in God reading your problem, but may I share something I have clung to any time I had fears-ratioanl or irrational? These are promises God made and I claimed them and I take Him at His word. He has yet to let me down. "What time I am afraid I will trust in Thee." King James Version of the Holy Bible, Psalm 56:3 (read all of Psalm 56) "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." King James Version Hebrews 13:5 These give me courage and hope. You can conquer your fears dear one. Take them one night at a time. Remember to reason things out and soon you will be sleeping from dusk to dawn without a worry. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
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Katlyn Originally Answered: Why am i deathly afraid of the dark?
Well, your fear of the dark is a kind of phobia. And phobias are a kind of anxiety. With generalized anxiety you can get anxious about - well, just about anything, but phobias like this single out one thing to be anxious about - fear of spiders, fear of small spaces, fear of flying, fear of heights, or in this case - of the dark. And many, if not most, people have a phobia about something or other to some degree. What happens when you have a phobia is that if you're exposed to what you're phobic about, your body goes into a fright, flight or fight kind of mode. You actually undergo physical changes - more adrenaline going through your body, heart beating faster, etc. You know from experience, I'm sure, that you can't be talked out of your fear. In fact, you probably find it insulting, because intellectually people with phobias know that there is really nothing to be afraid of. But their mind and body continue to respond to the stimulus regardless. The general rule is that you should get help to deal with a phobia if it is interfering with your life and the lives of those around you, and it sounds like this one is. Phobias are very common and the behaviour modification techniques that are used to treat them are very successful. It's not really necessary for you to know the reason for your phobia to treat it. It's not the kind of thing that you need years of psychotherapy for or anything. A good councellor or mental health practitioner would just, in very, very gradual stages expose you to the thing you are afraid of until you can deal with it. It's called behaviour modification and it's usually very successful Good Luck!!

Hilary Hilary
Why don't you see a therapist? You have waaaaaay too may thoughts going on in your head. Sounds like ocd. If you have some trauma related paranoia then that means you went through something as a child. My step son used to really be scared of the dark and had thought going on in his head just like you but he did get over it eventually. Maybe you've been watching too many scary movies? Don't watch those what ever you do. But ya, you need to see a therapist.
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Eavan Eavan
Sounds like there might be some trauma involved in there, but chances are you may not have grown out of the lights out phase of childhood so don't think too much of it. Some people are just like that, so you'll just have to live with it. I'm like you. I can't have the lights off ever. And disturbing things will very often scare the hell out of me, and I'll be paranoid for quite awhile. At first I thought that it was bad for me to be like that but then I stopped caring.
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Chance Chance
Hello! I am 18. I am a little afraid of the dark but not to much. Probally because you love life and dont want to lose it by somebody or something hurting you. Or your afraid whats after death. If you become a Christian you will lose some of the worries of the darkness. Now just because your a Christian doesn't mean your total dark proof or whatever, lol. Good luck! :D
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Anona Anona
try asking u brother or other family member sleeping with you in the same room do not turn on even a single light...it will train u... it happen to me too..while u want to pass ur hallway better u think about something happy or funny or maybe just sing loudly...when alone in the dark or in the bathroom think something that make u happy or just like i said sing. hope this will help..or u can mail me...
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i have this problem! basically what i think is a good idea is pretend that, as you are writing it, you are never going to attempt to get it published. it will forever and always be for YOUR. EYES. ONLY. that should help you stop worrying about what other people will think whenever u really do try to get it published. next, just write WHENEVER you have inspiration. don't say 'i'll do it later' cuz chances are you won't. no, make yourself get out a pen/pencil and some paper or make yourself go over to your computer and start writing/typing. about the perfection thing, try to think of it this way: "writing is for ENTERTAINMENT. i do it because i ENJOY it, not because it's a chore." if you truly want to be a writer, then writing won't seem like a chore. it will be a pleasure. hope i helped and good luck! i think that as i typed this answer to help you, i gave MYSELF some tips too! haha :)

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