How does a doctor find out if you suffer from depression?

How does a doctor find out if you suffer from depression? Topic: How to write a test case example
July 18, 2019 / By Maeveen
Question: I have a doctors appointment set up to find out if I am clinically depressed. I have seen things online about blood tests or physical exams, but I'm not sure what you do for a physical exam. Also I can't do needles in my arms so I'm not sure how that would go over.
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Kerri Kerri | 8 days ago
The reason why it's a good idea to see your doctor if you think you're depressed is that you might have some other condition that's causing depression. Problems like low thyroid function for example can cause depression. Your doctor might give you a screening test. This doesn't diagnose you but it identifies people who should be examined for diagnosis of depression. The screening test is a list of questions. GPs often refer people to mental health professionals for diagnostics. This is done with questions about how the person is feeling and changes in behavior, like change of sleep pattern and eating. There are other things that can indicate depression. A diagnosis is a matter of the person reporting a certain number of these symptoms. There's not much a GP can do to treat a case of depression. The GP can prescribe medication, but a bottle of pills by itself is not a very good way to treat depression. I've written many depression answers, with information from experts on a variety of topics. If you click on my name and read my answers, you might find something there you'll find useful. Also, if you go to my questions, you'll find a very informative post, "Can someone list treatments for depression?" It has information about a variety of evidence-based treatments, self-help and help with office visits.
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Jacqueline Jacqueline
Some physical conditions can cause depressed mood. They have to rule out any thing physical that could contribute to your depression. Then they ask you a lot of questions. You may have to answer a questionnaire about your physical and mental health.
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Emeline Emeline
All such doctors are qualified, well trained and gain reputation by treating several patients during their professional career. They have professional experience to treat any kind of mental depression. They are thus authorised by the Government as Medical Representatives.
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