Selling eBooks and PDF Files?

Selling eBooks and PDF Files? Topic: Ebook writing and selling
July 17, 2019 / By Maureen
Question: I wrote a how-to guide in MS Word-2003 that I would like to sell on eBay. I've notice my competitors sell their eBooks in pdf format. I would like to know the advantages/ disadvantages of selling my eBook in MS word format versus a pdf format or another format. From what I've seen, people could make e-copies of my eBook whether it is in MS-Word or pdf format. Help me... I am ignorant on the best course of action...
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Latonya Latonya | 9 days ago
PDF is harder to edit--so someone can't easily change a few words and turn around and resell it. Also, someone can't accidentally delete half the book and then save it, and lose their copy; PDF is more stable that way. Word documents also include metadata you might not want to give out--Microsoft records the changes you make to the document, and info about your computer, in the settings, and you might not want to release that info to buyers. You might consider selling at http://www.smashwords.com They charge a commission, but only after you sell, and they offer ebooks in about a dozen different formats, so people with different kinds of ebook devices can read them. PDF is good for printing, and okay for reading on the screen, but awful on a lot of portable ebook readers, even the ones that support it. (I have a Sony PRS-505, with a 6" screen. It reads PDFs--but that means the whole page is scrunched into the tiny screen. I'm not often willing to pay for a file I have to completely reformat before I can comfortably read it.)
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Jessika Jessika
PDF is the preferred method for information marketers. You can set the security on the PDF file to disallow editing so your work is not quickly stolen, reworked and sold again on the internet.
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