Is this a good for a good 75 gallon tank?

Is this a good for a good 75 gallon tank? Topic: Tetra research
July 19, 2019 / By Monika
Question: 3 discus 6 cory cats 10 cardinal tetras 10 rummy nose tetras 5 rainbow fish 8 platys is this overstocked? will there be any problems with the fish friendliness? any other problems? please answer thank you
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Best Answers: Is this a good for a good 75 gallon tank?

Lis Lis | 2 days ago
the Discus will eat the tetras, and you need to research the types of rainbows you plan to get and see if they are compatable as far as temperature, Ph, and size are concerned. discus need to be kept in 90-92 degree water temperature whith a low PH, so you must reserch all the other fish you will keep whith them and see if the can tolerate the high temp. and low PH. one inch of fish doesnt work whith discus, but consider that the need about ten gallons to themselves, and they need very clean water, so the more fish you have the harder that will be to maintain =Good luck and Take care! Discuss are AWesome
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Lis Originally Answered: Are this a good setup for a 150 gallon fish tank?
...most cichlids are omnivorous and should make short work of the plants.. the royal pleco will enjoy the driftwood.. and hopefully be left alone by ur stock.... but the tank really has some species that are from different regions of the world.. getting the water parameters correct for such an adverse group is going to be difficult.. but manageable by an experienced hand... What type of filtration does this tank have? Adding additional canisters and bio media is goin to go a long way w/these guys... Do some research and good luck...

Kandi Kandi
you are pushing it DO NOT add anymore and prepare for 15 to 25% water changes each week and DONT over feed
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Hallie Hallie
okay this is how you know once inch of fish needs one gallon so if you fish is two inches from head to end of fin you need two gallons of watter
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Hallie Originally Answered: Will a 4' 55 gallon tank fit inside of a 6' 130 gallon tank stand?
The 130-gallon stand is probably about 18 inches wide and (as you said) six feet long. A 55-gallon tank is 48 inches long and about 12-13 inches wide (on the outside). It may or may not fit in, depending on what obstructions the stand has to sliding it in there. It would be easier to comment on this with a picture or a detailed description of the stand, but I assume it has either a shelf underneath (if it was designed to hold two tanks in over-and-under fashion), or some space underneath that you access through doors. Either way, you may be able to get the 55 in there. If it's the kind meant for another tank underneath, the 55 will be smaller than the bottom rack, so you may need to fashion a shelf for it to sit on. If it's the open-space kind, the tank can sit on the floor or on something else you choose to place under it. In either case, if you use it as a sump, you may have an issue with the amount of space between the top of the sump tank and the bottom of the 130-gallon tank. A typical 55 is about 20 or 21 inches high. A typical manufactured aquarium stand is no more than 30 or 31 inches high (some are shorter). 10 inches of space is probably enough for the hoses and whatnot you need to have above the sump, but with some equipment configurations it might get tight.

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