I like this guy?

I like this guy? Topic: Left handed person writing a paper
June 19, 2019 / By Ann
Question: who sits to the left of the person behind me in health. ever since school started he has been staring at me all the time and smiling at me at lunch and stuff. i KNOW he likes me by now and his best friend just asked out my best friend. were all going to the movies friday as a big group and i was wondering what i should do? i think its gonna be awkward because we both know we like each other, but were technically complete strangers! do i act like ive never met him before? how do i make sure i dont end up in his "just friends" category? any tips would be AWESOME. thanks :)
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Win Win | 2 days ago
Act normal. If he does like you, he *should* get up some courage to try and make a move. However, if that fails, at the end of the night you should just write your number on a paper (or on his hand) and tell him to call you and that you would like to go out and do something with him. If he doesn't call... well... then your out of luck.
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Seward Seward
Just enjoy the time. You do not have to put pressure on yourself that it is supposed to not be awkward. Just dont be too shy and turn him off in a way he thinks you are not interested. If he is going knowing that his best friend is going with your bestfriend then he is really interested and it should fall into place smoothly. have fun
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