Check out these mad libs?

Check out these mad libs? Topic: Appendix for a case study
June 26, 2019 / By Tawnee
Question: aren't they funny? I did them and the results killed me!! After extravigant years in exile for a crime he didn`t squabbled, sesshomaru now Sweeney Todd, returns to los vegas to find his platypuss dead and his daughter in the apendixs' of the evil scuba diver Turpin. In his anger, Sweeney goes on a flat rampage on all los vegas, with the help of Mrs. Lovett, he opens a plastic surgent shop in which he lures his victims in with a charming trampoline before spontaniously ending their life with a flutter of his razor across their pancrease. But not one pancake killed, nor tree men can satisfy Sweeney`s lust for revenge on those who`ve caused his years of pain. squiggle Jefferson will not be attending school today. He/she has come down with a case of AIDS and has horrible purple printers and a/an barbaric fever. We have made an appointment with the bloody Dr. goobles, who studied for many years in china town and has 37 degrees in pediatrics. He will send you all the information you need. Thank you! Sincerely Mrs. old as a turkey. My "Dream Man" should, first of all be very chinese and mexican. He should have a physique like micheal jackson, a profile like anna nicole smith, and the intelligence of a zebra. He must be polite and must always remember to float my speed boat, to tip his bannana and to take my apendix when crossing the street. He should move suspiciously, have a squishy voice, and should always dress happily. I would also like him to be a/an sharp dancer, and when we are alone he should whisper indian nothings into my ovary and hold my jealous frog. I know a/an castle is hard to find. In fact the only one I can think of is the pizza man In order to wash your face freakishly, you must wet your dragon in warm acid. Then, hang it across your face 42 times. This will wash off any remaining pills. When you are done you should write the cloth in fuzzy water to clean it. You should also wash your face with a appendix to keep it smooth and shiny. This will keep also keep away ovaries. Don’t worry. It is normal to experience AIDS the first time you try this. Consult your barber if you break out in arteries. This works well on your nostril too!
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Originally Answered: Why cant all the libs just write a check for $100 and send it to the government?
"The rich should pay their fair share"......I hear this all the time.....What the HELL is their fair share? 36% ?? 55% ??..... What is a fair share? The rich did not "steal" their money. They earned it the old fashioned way..... they worked for it.....risked their own money and earned the profit so why do they owe more of a percentage of their income than you? By treating the rich and successful badly....punish success... are we actually hurting ourselves?.....George Clooney and Tom Cruise just bought villas on Lake Como Italy..... couldn't they find any nice homes on a lake in America? Now all those American dollars are going to Italian gardeners.....Italian grocery stores...... Italian auto mechanics "Punish the rich"..... WHY?..... In your city there are libraries built by the rich.... in fact most of the universities.....colleges.....hospitals.... civic centers..... research facilities.... etc etc etc were built by donations by the rich.....even the much hated Dick Chaney gave 9 million dollars to charity in one year...Ray Kroc's widow gave 13 million to the Red Cross....9 million to California Even those greedy rich bastards who never give away a single penny.....put their money in a bank where it is available for small business loans and other activities good for the economy. There are over 40,000 middle class Americans living in Costa Rica.... an equal number in Mexico.....11 thousand in the Philippines..... Now the rich are moving out..... soon the only people left in America will be a handful of politicians and the poor..... who is going to support America then We do not need to "punish" the rich.....we need MORE rich..... When I give my estate to someone.....not one thing has not been taxed before....everything I own has been taxed at least once ....often it was taxed several times..... when you slap on an inheritance tax..... celebrate my death by costing my relatives money.....it is plainly unfair.....Often people have to sell their inheritance because they do not have enough money to pay the tax.....family farms are destroyed...... homes that have been in families since the Revolution are placed on the auction block because the heirs can not afford the taxes You scream about the rich paying their fair share.....but most of you do NOT scream about the way the government spends your tax dollars..... did you know the government spent 200,000 dollars studying the sex life of a Panamanian tree frog.....or an equal amount of money on a study of inter-communication skills in a Peruvian whore house..... the government spent 29 million dollars to improve an airfield which services only an average of 29 people each week........ or lets talk big money....How about BILLIONS of our tax dollars to keep troops in Germany.... WHY?..... are they securing America...... Then there is Korea..... Why are we sending billions of American tax dollars into the Korean economy when we need money in America/......Is it not time the world stepped up and "secured" itself..... we spend billions and billions of dollars around the world trying to "buy" friends..... ever bought a real friend.....85% of the time our "friends" vote against us in the UN An American politician once said, " A billion dollars here; a billion dollars there and pretty soon it starts to add up to real money"....... Cantu....Maybe you you should spend less time punishing the rich and more time screaming about government waste of the tax dollar
Originally Answered: Why cant all the libs just write a check for $100 and send it to the government?
The person receiving it doesn't. So no. You get something to avoid paying taxes on it it should be illegal. Besides, why does anyone need an extra $39 BILLION like Sam Walton, owner of Walmart who built his empire off the backs of people he doesn't pay a living wage and he wipes out all of main street while creating dollar draught! You live in this country you need to pay your fair share of taxes. Bush started Iraq and Afghanistan and didn't pay a penny for them. If you don't like the 1950 tax-rate we are at find another country. And why do you not tell the truth about estate taxes which are currently at 0%. If raised they will get the first $8 million free and then pay 35%, not 55% like you claim. Besides, I am tired of the rich transferring their property, or their parents property, to their children so Medicaid (the taxpayers) can pay their nursing home expenses. I don't think Paris Hilton needs any more free money! Ah, Democrats were left out of it. They didn't bring it up. That was proposed by McConnell in his secret meeting with the vice-president. No Democrat added the estate tax so i would appreciate it if you would not try and rewrite how it actually came to pass!

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