Microsoft Excel head scratcher! help me before i go bald?

Microsoft Excel head scratcher! help me before i go bald? Topic: Use case summary example
July 17, 2019 / By Buz
Question: ok..I have created a spreadsheet. I need to work out..B4+.21/35*100 so...b4 cost is 17p and i need to add the value of c4 which in this example is 21p..then...sigh....work out what 65% of that total would be then....add on 17.5% vat to the 65% total price as a selling price. but i want to display the answer in c4. God i am confusing myself here....sorry. In summary, I want to start with a figure add another amount then get a figure of what 65% of that is then calculate adding 17.5% vat to the figure. Thanks in advance ;) this is just an example, there are another maybe, 70 calculations on the page although all the same formula required.
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Aldrich Aldrich | 8 days ago
I couldn't follow your cell ID's for example I used 100 in A1, 50 in A2, =.65*(A1+A2) in A3 and =.175*A3 in A4 which in your case is C4 i think. 100 fig 1 50 fig 2 97.5 65% of 100+50 17.0625 17.5% of 97.5
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In cell B4 enter =IF(AND(B1="F",B2=0),10%, IF(OR(B1="F",(AND(B1="M",B2=0))), 5%,0)) all one line In cell B5 enter =B3*(1-B4) format as currency
Taletta Originally Answered: Microsoft Excel =IF Help?
= if(B1=F,(if(B2=0, B3* 0.10, B3*0.05)),(if(B2=0, B3*0.05, B3))) PS: I havent tried it i wrote from your explanation using the logic given in your question if it works happy if not sorry if you face any error let me know will try to help you if i can.

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