What can I do to find out if it's my baby?

What can I do to find out if it's my baby? Topic: Case story hiv
July 18, 2019 / By Jude
Question: So, I'm seventeen. I had a girlfriend of ten months... We last had sex on like.. Jan 10 I think.. around there. Anyway, she stopped talking to me after feeding me a bunch of lies and bullshit and she is actually dating someone else. She now lives in Houston with her drug addict mom and her mom's failure of a boyfriend. According to her grandparents, she missed her period this month. There is a LARGE chance the baby is mine... Now, this girl is on some pretty severe drugs. If it is indeed my baby, what can I do about her drug situation? This girl has never had a legal guardian since she was born, she just turned seventeen and is violating all sorts of things for Social Security, her mom is violating her probation.. They HAVE drugs in this house, and her mom is also supplying her with alcohol. I am trying to find a way that she will have to go live with another family member, so we can fix all these problems.. I think with her mom doing some seriously illegal stuff and her mom's boyfriend possibly having a warrant out for her arrest we can take care of them... Now, I need to know what the laws are for a seventeen year old with no guardian and if her grandparents could try and take guardianship.. considering she can't take care of herself... and she loses her social security checks, which she is already in violation of... And.. With a good chance I am the father what rights to I have to try and keep her clean? I have to admit that a condom was not used. Only birth control. I am trying to figure out more what I can do to get custody put over her than anything else. The point of getting her mother thrown in jail is because her mother is the one who got her all on this ****. The entire reason she is with this guy is because mom wants it to be that way. It's a difficult situation to explain.. Not something I can really explain on the internet ya know? Just wondering what legal right she has.. Her grandparents had "amnesty" or something like that over her for a long while.. Not exactly sure what happened to it lol.. Point is, they want her back and want her clean. I could care less about being with her.. I don't want a fudging crack baby, ya know? Also, I looked up Emancipation.. and unless she can support herself.. She cannot be emancipated. So basically someone has to have control over her at all times, and that person has to be a relative apparently. At least that is what I gathered on the internet. If anyone really wants custody of her, the only chance she has of staying away is proving she can take care of herself... Which.. She can't, that's why she relied on me so much. Confused confused little girl... By the way. The only reason I believe them when they say it might be mine.. Is because I know by facts there is a HUGE chance it is.. Then again, you never know. It could be the other guys.. IN WHICH CASE... She is about to have one ugly baby. lol. It twas not her who shared her info on her menstrual cycle... It was her doped up mom blabbering to her grandmother because obviously SHE can't support another child either.. Well, as far as having sex with such a messed up girl.. I never knew how bad it was. I knew she smoked pot, but not all this.... Now, as far as calling my actions stupid. You don't know the full story and there is quite a bit I am not cluing you guys in on. There are many lies involved in this story. She has not started all this stuff but a couple months ago, and I have not seen her much since then. Her mom and her mom's boyfriend hate me of course because I am not a drug user blah blah. At one time she could have been a wonderful mother and very fit to be one.. Now on the other hand...
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Harper Harper | 10 days ago
You have no rights at all, especially since you don't know that she is pregnant (teenagers do miss their periods from time to time, especially when stressed) much less if she is pregnant with your child. But if you believe that she is a minor in need of care, contact the local Child Protective Services and tell them everything you KNOW (not what you heard and/or guess). As for your rights, if and when she has the alleged baby, you can demand a paternity test. If the baby IS your's, you can try for custody (not likely to get it unless you can prove she is hooked on drugs), seek visitation, and pay 18 years worth of child support! Another thing, how could you possibly have unprotected sex with a female of such poor character, especially a drug user? This girl may end up being the mother of your child. And even if you didn't know her character until recently, why on earth were you having unprotected sex with anyone you didn't know very well? You have a duty to make sure that the mother of any of your future children is a good one...one with strong values and morals. If you are lucky this time...ie. she isn't pregnant and/or the baby isn't your's...never do something so stupid ever again! Finally, if you were foolhardy enough to have unprotected sex with a drug user, you need to get an hiv/aids and hepatitis test as well as be tested for a wide range of stds. Drug addicts aren't known for being faithful. Hopefully, you are clean...but don't count on it. As for now, tell your parents what a mess you are made. As you are a minor, you will need their assistance. Good luck. ***** Addendum #1: It is too soon to know if she is pregnant. Addendum #2: No court will force a pregnant woman to have a dna paternity test on the baby inside her womb against her will as it could cause a miscarriage. And not even Child Protective Services can make her do this test. If she is pregnant and I think that is doubtful, you will have to wait until the baby is born before you can find out if you are the father!
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Eldis Eldis
You have absolutely no rights until paternity can be determined, and that cannot be done until after the baby is born. Well, actually they can do paternity tests before the baby is born, but I believe that procedure can cause miscarriage. Anyway, since you're not married to her, you have very few rights. And if she doesn't come after you for child support, I have no idea how you would try to get parental rights or even have a paternity test done. She can claim the baby isn't yours, but I guess you could go after her pretty agressively to get a court order for a paternity test. With all the drugs and alcohol, a miscarriage is likely (maybe that's what she's trying to do?) but if she does have the baby, it will probably have FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) and be born addicted to drugs. I know I don't have to say it, but please, please consider more carefully, in the future, where you put your sperm.
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Allger Allger
Luke, I feel for you son, this is going to be a tough uphill battle. Any time you are talking about getting the courts to deny someone their freedom it's going to be tough. Any way the fastest thing I can think of is to call child protective services and see if they can help you establish paternity by having them perform a DNA test. Just be sure this is what you want though, because truth be told CPS is nobody's friend! Once they become involved everybody's going to be screwed. BTW have you given any thought as to how you going to support this child?
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Teale Teale
oh wow. the only thing i can tell you is to get the ball rolling now. don't wait until she's 5 months pregnant to start working the angles. talk to her. try to get her out of the bad situation; whatever it takes. then find out if she really is pregnant at a doctor's office. at the same time, you can give a little blood and find out if you are really the father. either way, though, try to get her out of that situation, for the sake of everyone involved. that's a really tough one. i wish you luck.
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