How to set out an address?

How to set out an address? Topic: How to write an address in england uk
July 18, 2019 / By Odran
Question: I have a pen pal and I want to give her my address because she wants to send me snail mail but I'm not sure how to set it out because she lives in Korea and I live in England. I know I need to include 'England' in the address but what else should I add? Should I include the county and the area I live in? I'm confused because normally when I give my address to someone (e.g- School) then they only need the road, number and post code but because she lives in Korea I'm not sure what to add. Thank you in advance :)
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Larry Larry | 7 days ago
She needs your house number or name, and the street name, your town, or village and town, postcode, and UK or Great Britain. She should write "UK" or "Great Britain" in Korean, so that the Korean post office knows which country to send it to.
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no, put your name and address in top left corner put recipients name and address in middle if possible just like a regular envelope or letter stamp in top right corner

Ithiel Ithiel
She will need you town and post code and after that should add either England or UK, in addition to what you tell your school friends. You can, but need not, include your County. The Post Office has said this is superfluous in an address.
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Fester Fester
its just like writing a letter to someone down the road , but needs more detail. just work out from where you are. so house number road name town/city county england UK :)
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Damian Damian
your name house number and street name village [if applicable] town / city county postcode UK/England/Great Britain [you can write either of these]
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