Does creativity have to link with mental illness?

Does creativity have to link with mental illness? Topic: Schizophrenia research topics
July 18, 2019 / By Zechariah
Question: I am very creative but I have ADD. I'm wondering if it tends to connect with mental illness. Also, if you are creative, is it a sign that you may have mental illness??? If so, what type of mental illness?
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Simeon Simeon | 3 days ago
Hi hiii.. There's recent research indicating that creativity is associated with some mental health problems.. specifically schizophrenia and bipolar disorder [manic-depression].. See link #1 below. However, the vast body of research over many decades finds no correlation.. See link #2 below. I suggest you read both sources and you'll see the nature of the current debate on this topic. Regarding your ADD.. There's no evidence of an association to mental illness. Don't worry. Regards.
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M.E is a good reason, too tired to go to school but still want an education. Any kind of immune deficiency Being paranoid Depression The list could be huge

Omri Omri
Some of the smartest, most creative people ever had ADD. I wouldn't call it a mental illness except in extreme cases
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Lawrie Lawrie
no Creativity is linked to lateral thinking (thinking outside the box) ADD is not a mental illness, it is a disorder.
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Jachin Jachin
there's an excellent hyperlink between the two. Creativity is fuelled via the suggestions's freedom from formal thinking, and is oftentimes inspired via making connections that could particularly be unnatural. yet, that is often on the rate of stability; consequently, becoming highs and lows. the middle floor of concept, together as much less eventful, is extra good and sustainable.
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Keep in mind, psychosis or "Crazy" could be defined in a series of ways varying on the people. The most common interpretation of crazy is "Irrational Thinking", or thought processes that seem to have no apparent sense what so ever. It sounds like you are suffering from some sort of emotional dysfunction. Emotions that lead to depression. Or in your case, primarily Anger. I couldn't tell you a sensible solution, other then to seek professional help. But if nothing else, try to find close friends to talk to about it that will hear you out.

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