Immigration HELP PLZ?

Immigration HELP PLZ? Topic: Essay on facing challenges
July 17, 2019 / By Andrina
Question: I have to write an argumentative essay on immigrants disadvantages. I know they faced challenges, and discrimination but what else? Please help me!! BE SURE TO INCLUDE INFORMATION TO BACK YOU UP.
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Wil Wil | 1 day ago
Once an immigrant becomes a citizen, he/she has access to a driver's license, health care, education and all other benefits of an American citizen, so I don't see the point of your question. Perhaps learning English would be a challenge to overcome. I have no problem with immigrants regardless of their native country. Unless you are talking about ILLEGAL immigrants, who do rightfully have disadvantages. If you are talking about Illegals, PLEASE don't confuse them with the hard working law abiding immigrants who have made this country great!
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Wil Originally Answered: Can illegal immigration be solved by putting more funding into the immigration department?
Nice in theory, but it wouldn't help. We have limits on the numbers allowed into the country each year. The long waits are due in large part because there are many more that want to come, than we can comfortably accept (it takes time for areas to grow and expand). I personally think that if we didn't have such a huge influx of illegal aliens, we would be able to up the numbers of legal immigrants a little bit. I'd love to see more be able to come legally.
Wil Originally Answered: Can illegal immigration be solved by putting more funding into the immigration department?
No, there are too many legal immigrants let in every year as it is. Over 1 million immigrants a year are legally allowed into the US. We need to take a timeout from immigration in order to assimilate those legal immigrants in our country now. To deal with the immigration crisis we need to increase funding for the border patrol and triple the budget for ICE. Enforce our current laws, and make being in the USA illegally a felony punishable by at least a 60-day prison sentence. ICEBOX is wrong! There were over 4 million immigrants, both legal and illegal entering the USA last year, and this clown wants more. As I stated above, we allowed over 1 million immigrants into the USA last year, and we have been allowing too many immigrants since the 1965 immigration law was passed.

Sandford Sandford
They face hardships using fake documents to obtain food stamps and they like to drink outdoors and park in the grass. They play music until 3 or 4 am in the morning and are discriminationed against since this is what can be done in Mexico and they need a photo id to vote
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Naphtali Naphtali
No SS# means : No driver license, no state ID, no disability assistance, no food stamps, no health insurance, no unemployment, no loan, much higher tuition, no school loan, language barrier.
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Naphtali Originally Answered: Did the 7 illegal immigration amnesty programs from 1986-2000 solve illegal immigration, or encourage more?
Hell no! we could constantly not import different united states of america's poverty. As you reported, any amnesty in trouble-free terms encourages further unlawful immigration. the united states shouldn't grant unlawful immigrants a pathway to citizenship – amnesty by regardless of brand. particularly, the U.S. goverment could artwork with different international locations to develop their financial gadget so as that those international locations could be self reliant, and the human beings celebrate with the end results of their hard artwork of their own united states of america.

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