How can I keep my 6 month old kittens from destroying my Christmas tree?

How can I keep my 6 month old kittens from destroying my Christmas tree? Topic: Bookcase shelf ideas
July 17, 2019 / By Hyacinth
Question: We rescued 4 kittens that had been dumped alongside the road about 3 months ago, and they have been inside ever since. I'd rather not put them out now that the weather has turned so cold, but every morning when I get up, they have been into something they shouldn't have, from knocking things down from the top shelf of a 6 foot bookcase, on top of the fridge, shreading the toilet tissue, taking socks out of the laundry basket, unpluging lamps, - well, you get the idea. They get bored. They have PLENTY of toys of their own, but that doesn't seem to matter. I don't want to have to close them up in a room at night, or have to worry about my tree (which I haven't put up yet) being destroyed when I'm not in the house. I have raised a lot of cats the last 15 years, and these are the most destructive I've ever had. Please help save my tree! (Squirting them with a water bottle doesn't help, they like it - it's like a game to them.)
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Edwyna Edwyna | 3 days ago
I think it is awesome that you rescued them. I have never had 4 kittens at once, so I admire you for taking them in & caring for them. Friends of mine have attached their tree to the wall with a rope. They have toddlers, not kittens, but their toddlers are about as curious & energetic as 4 kittens. Use only plastic ornaments & no tinsel, at least for this year. Have they been spayed/neutered? That can eliminate some of the problems, especially with males. If that isn't an option yet, you may have to put them in their own room with food/water/litter box at night & while you are at work. Last year, we had a one year old cat & a 6 month old kitten. The kitten was climbing the tree all the time, but she isn't nearly as interested in it this year. Good luck.
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who cares? JK! :) (scroll down!) The origin of the first Christmas tree dates back to the Middle Ages in Western Germany. The people during this time period participated in and watched dramatic plays called miracle and mystery plays. These plays were performed to teach the common people about religious truths that were contained in the bible. There were no printed books available, and pictures were scarce during this period of time. "As laymen joined with the clergy, the individual plays were arranged in a lengthy series or cycle throughout the church year" (Foley, pg. 39). In this way, peasants were taught about the Old and New Testaments of the bible. During the Christmas season, the Paradise play was presented. This play depicted Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. On stage was an evergreen tree, covered in apples, which showed Adam and Eve's sin and later banishment from the garden. The tree received particular attention because it was the only prop on the stage. This symbol remained firmly planted in the minds of spectators and actors. Later, after the plays "ceased to be performed in Germany" ( Foley, pg. 41), people began putting their own trees in their homes. This early Paradise tree had a lot of value to the Germans. By having the tree in their home they were able to teach their children the story of Adam and Eve. They taught this story through symbols. The evergreen tree symbolized immortality because it stays green all year. The apples on the Paradise tree symbolized Adam's sin. Round wafers and cookies were also added as decorations. They represented the fruits of redemption. Candles were also important symbols to the Germans. The candle was their main source of light, and it represented Christ being the Light of the World. The candles were placed on a wooden pyramid structure with shelves called the lightstock or Christmas pyramid. This pyramid stood next to the Paradise tree. This candle holder was also decorated with tinsel, paper or cloth roses, and a star was usually placed on top. After some years the two were combined. The Christmas tree we know today is a combination of the Paradise tree and the Christmas pyramid. From Germany, the idea of a Christmas tree spread. As Germans left the Rhineland to settle in other places, they took their proud custom with them. In England, German settlers had brought the idea of a Christmas tree over. It wasn't until several decades later that it was formally introduced by Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria, a German. At first the Christmas tree was found only in the homes of the upper-class English. The idea soon gained in popularity and became an English sensation. It became a Victorian symbol "laden with ornaments and surrounded with gifts" (Foley, pg. 65). Hessian (German) mercenaries fighting for the British during the Revolutionary War, most likely introduced the concept of a Christmas tree to America. Tradition says that these soldiers set up Christmas trees for the colonial children. They did this so they would be able to cherish their homeland customs, since some of them had been away from home for three Christmases. No documentary evidence has been found to support this tradition, however, only stories. Documented evidence of the Christmas tree began showing up in the early 1800's and continued to grow steadily. Most of the information is from the personal accounts of German settlers. The earliest illustration of a Christmas tree in America was from a book entitled The Stranger's Gift by Herman Bodum, printed in 1836. The Christmas tree began to spread rapidly throughout America. By the year 1850, the Christmas tree had become the fashionable thing for the holiday season. Today most Christians celebrating Christmas have a Christmas tree in their home during the holiday season. They have their own special traditions involving the cutting and decorating of the tree. Many people view the Christmas tree as the most glorious and best-loved symbol of the Christmas season

Charlie Charlie
Yea - your screwed! Like you, I have raised and still have cats throughout the years. These babies are not going to let your tree stand. There are 4 of them, they are feeding off of each other. It's hard enough to keep 1 kitten in our sanity territory. Even if you lock them up when your not there is not going to help when you let them out. They are crazy kittens. I can suggest putting moth balls around your tree, but they will also smell up your whole house. They smell very strong and are very effective in the yard for snakes, spiders, roaches, raccoons - you name it. Try one in an area that you don't want them to go to and see if it works. Good luck! Crazy Babies having fun!
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Ariel Ariel
I had to look after my neighbours kittens for christmas last year and they had a go at the tree, so I put it up on my coffee table. Only thing was that it was a glass table and they would go under it and were freaked out that they could see the tree but just couldn't get it.
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Zebadiah Zebadiah
They have a spray in the pet section called Indoor No. You can spray it on porous surfaces to deter cats from certain areas. Also, I read that putting a citrus air freshener in your Christmas tree will deter seasonal climbers.
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