TEACHERS: what do u do outside of school?

TEACHERS: what do u do outside of school? Topic: Done school papers
July 19, 2019 / By Kitty
Question: I've been always curious, what do you do at home ? what do you do on weekends? because i've never seen any of my school teacers outside of school even tho they live in the district.
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Best Answers: TEACHERS: what do u do outside of school?

Jaqueline Jaqueline | 7 days ago
We live our lives and try to get our papers marked. If you never see your teachers they probably go shopping after school and run errands on weekends. If they have kids, they're probably doing the soccer parent thing just like everyone else.
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Jaqueline Originally Answered: For students or teachers: how many hours a week do you spend on school-related work? (including during school)?
I never get homework. Hardly ever do work in school, bludge. Do assignments when I feel like it.

Ettie Ettie
We are human beings, what do you do on your weekends? Well, we do similar to what you do. We mark papers, sleep, watch TV, go out to town with the family, have some food, go home, watch a movie. I do see some of my students outside of school, you probably just don't go shopping a the same time as your teachers. It really bugs me when you see a student outside of school and they make a big fuss by shouting in school the next day "OMG I saw you yesterday sir!" it just sounds so unprofessional. Plus, I prefer the mature students who don't say a thing and just continue like normal.Also, your teachers may not live around your area, your not sure on where your teachers live, right? or that would be creepy.. I live quite far away from my school, so I avoid students.
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Clemency Clemency
My mother's a teacher... she does pretty much the same thing any other working woman does. Goes shopping, manages the household, keeps my dad in line... ;) I saw my teachers all the time outside of school. One of my english teachers was always coming into the hardware store I worked at in high school. One of my math teachers was my younger sister's golf coach, so I saw him when I dropped her off for practice. My favorite Spanish teacher is a garage sale addict, just like I am, so I STILL to this day (10 years after graduating, I might add) run into her frequently on the weekends.
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Bee Bee
How big is your district? I sometimes see my students at the store and they are always so shocked. Do they think I live at the school? At home I write lesson plans, grade papers, spend time with my daughter and husband, take my dog to the dog park,go to doctors appointments and go grocery shopping. So basically, we are just normal adults with normal lives. If you have not seen your teachers they may not shop at the same stores you do.
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Bee Originally Answered: High school students and teachers? School uniforms?
Most schools in Australia have uniforms, and mine (that of an old private girls' school) was especially straight-and-proper blazer-and-tie style, with strict guidelines about hair, make-up, socks, skirt length, jewelery and bags etc. that would always be enforced by the teachers. I really don't know, therefore, how it would be without them in a high school setting. At university obviously I don't have to wear one, but I'm part of a much more fluid, independent group there. I think in a time where there are better things to concentrate on than fashion, equalising something that has a huge potential to create even more fractures between already sensitive and volatile kids is a good thing. Wearing uniforms means students/their parents have to spend less money on fashionable day clothes, kids aren't judged by their peers by their choice or quality of clothing, it's easier on them in the morning (choosing an outfit v throwing on the same clothes), there's less washing to do and it maintains a clean and identifiable image for the school that can be embellished with the student's achievements via embroidery on blazers and jumpers. I've also found that it breeds a certain kind of cameraderie amongst the students, who through their identical clothing are clearly marked as a single group wherein everyone belongs on at least a base level. On the other hand, the uniforms can be ridiculously expensive (my blazer was in the hundreds, including all the embroidery), can be difficult for the teachers to police the correct wearing of it, and they leave little room for creative expression in appearance amongst the students.

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