What do i list as my reason for leaving: on an application?

What do i list as my reason for leaving: on an application? Topic: Employment application reason for leaving
June 26, 2019 / By Madisyn
Question: here's the background got wasted one night drove the company van didn't noticed that the street had ended, the van jump the ditch and landed in an open field, I left it there and reported it missing to my boss and the cops by the end of the week I couldn't stand myself so I confessed. My bosses boss came done from HQ and listened to my confession. I was given an option to resign before they fired me. So how do I list that on my application???????????
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Kenzie Kenzie | 7 days ago
How about "to explore other employment options"? Or "mutual decision from employer and myself" I don't know what to tell you if it comes up in an interview, though.
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Izzy Izzy
left due to looking for better opportunities. by law (if in USA) your ex boss cannot say why you were fired/let go. by law all they can say if you are re-hireable or not. but they can tell all details of why you left if the new boss seeks this info in writing.
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Elmira Elmira
you write resign - they gave you that option - if they ask for you to elaborate say conflict of interest or difference of opinion on a project.
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Elmira Originally Answered: When filling out "reason for leaving" on an application how do I professionally say?
Ok no matter what happens on a job another employer always assumes that if you had problems with the previous employer you were to blame and not the employer. If your boss broke into your house and shot your dog and you put "Didn't like boss breaking into house and shooting dog" as the reason for leaving they would assume that you were a problem employee and not hire you. try to highlight the positive reasons of looking for a new job rather than the negative ones for leaving your old job such as: Seeking position in a field related to my educational pursuits. Or: Seeking position with a schedule more favorable to accommodating my class schedule. Or the very best one Seeking a position with greater opportunity for advancement. Or Seeking a position with the opportunity for greater personal development. somthing like that

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