Are the 5 most intelligent animals on earth, after humans, in this order: Monkey, Cat, Dolphin, Dog, Horse?

Are the 5 most intelligent animals on earth, after humans, in this order: Monkey, Cat, Dolphin, Dog, Horse? Topic: Case spinners
June 26, 2019 / By Dacey
Question: One definition of intelligence, is who most closely represents the central nervous system of the planet, earth... Apparently the development and use of a hand (or in some cases, fin) is quintessential in being able to manifest one's intelligence...
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Best Answers: Are the 5 most intelligent animals on earth, after humans, in this order: Monkey, Cat, Dolphin, Dog, Horse?

Billie Billie | 6 days ago
No. Defining intelligence is not an easy task, especially as there are probably several different forms of intelligence, that we humans tend to lump together because we happen to be good at all of them. But in terms of the top 5 after humans, there are actually 32 different species of dolphin - including the bottlenosed dolphin, orca and spinner dolphins, all of which could easily be contenders for the smartest critter award. And that doesn't even include the other toothed whales, like beluga, sperm whales and pilot whales, nor the baleen whales (whose intelligence probably isn't anywhere near as high as the dolphins). Then there are the apes like both species of chimpanzee, and the gorilla, who would likely score higher than any of the hundreds of species of monkey. And the list of critters smarter than horses would be a long one, at the least including almost every carnivore (i.e. meerkats, leopards, wolverines, raccoons, wolves, polar bears, spotted hyenas, and sea lions), as well as critters like elephants, pigs and even octopus and squid.
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Ailsa Ailsa
They've been doing studies for a long time that all come back to the fact that we don't really have a good definition of 'intelligence'. Part of our problem is that we have to learn about what is learned knowledge as opposed to instinct and also how animals may show they are intelligent in their own way (in other words, stop trying to look at the world of 'intelligence' solely through primate eyes). Some of the things scientists have decided are important to 'intelligence' is an animal's ability to learn something about an object and then use that knowledge in new ways - to appy it to other things. It also looks at animals using things to approach a novel situation - like a stash of food that is in a seemingly unavailable location but using tools or by manipulating the environment, accessing the food (although, again, we must try to look at it throught the eyes of that animal and not assume that because it can't use tools that it's not intelligent - that is more primate-based thinking) Using those as baselines for looking at animals that are 'intelligent' not only are all the dolphin family and ape family very high on the list, there are a lot of animals that would come before dogs and cats (horses would be way down there on the list). Animals like parrots (alex the gray parrot for example) have been tested and appear to have very high intelligence. Crows have also been put into situations to come up with novel ways to aquire food and score very well. Octopi are also good at solving problems (especially considering that their nearest relatives are clams and oysters!) Many animals that are considered pests - like raccoons are considered this because they are so good at getting around our protections and getting what we don't want them to get!
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Tom Tom
How do you define intelligence? We usually default to "most like us", which isn't a very good definition. It's also hard to test many species. And "monkeys" are many different species with varying intelligence. That aside, cats and dogs are generally less bright than apes, dolphins, parrots, and crows (and pigs are probably somewhere between them). Horses are probably less bright than cats or dogs.
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Raven Raven
there are many species of monkey, several species of dolphins and all the animals mentioned live in dramatically different habitats, using different behavioral patterns. thus zou cannot compare them through measuring IQ. Per se, the IQ relies on identifiing symbols and basic algebra. clearly none of the animals mentioned is able to count. the comparison is irrelevant. by the way octhopuses are reffered to be quite intelligent, too, rating the inteligence of dog.- in terms of learning, memory, adaptability, scouting, cognititive functions at all. like haysoo said, many carnivores and omnivores ,due to their wider dietary habits, show us pretty nice cognitive functions, scouting of new food sources, three dimensional spacial orientation, prediction of prey intentions, etc. many animals eating shelled food use some kind of tools
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Mat Mat
What happened to the whale? That is an interesting definition of intellegence. I wonder where it goes on the bell curve.
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