Can anyone give me legal advice?

Can anyone give me legal advice? Topic: Court case song
June 26, 2019 / By Delmar
Question: We are a local band that currently fired our front man. For some reason he is deciding to be a baby by saying we cannot use his lyrics, his melodies, or voice and anything that was recorded in the past must be taken down. He said if we do not comply he will take us to small claims court. WHat my question is would be does he actually have a case? He did write the majority of the lyrics, but as a group we edited them and I wrote some of the melodies myself, there is not one song where he wrote all of the vocals, nor has he wrote any of the instruments. The songs he wants us to take down were recorded months ago and he just left the band two days ago. He said he has word documents on his computer that are dated with when he wrote them. The thing is I wrote alot of the stuff and he typed everything up to memorize them, I did not write any of it down. We do not sell the songs he wants us to take down, we just have them up on our website for free listening until we release our album (without his work on it). If he were to take us to small claims could he prove his case with a word document? could I prove that I wrote alot of the music as well as the other band mates without a word document? His name is still credited to the lyrics and melodies, we are not denying that, but because he did not soley produce the songs we feel as if we should not have to take it down. I realize this is real stupid, we are a local band, we dont have anything copy written, and he wants to take us to court over songs that arent making profit. Does anyone have any advice that can back up their credentials? Does he even have a case? and if so what would he get from it?
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Bastian Bastian | 10 days ago
If you fired him... he gets a cut. If he left of his own accord... he gets nothing. At the end of the day.. you need to talk to a lawyer. And btw, he isn't being a baby. Or maybe he is. But wanting to control what you created isn't being a baby. I'm sure if the foot were in the other shoe you would be acting similarly. Edit: " If you peform concerts for free and give your songs away for free then how is he damaged" This is extremely bad advice. You can still end up in the slammer for infringement regardless of monetary gain.
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Bastian Originally Answered: Can anyone give legal help?
I'm assuming she didn't actually sew him. This would have involved a needle and thread and would be quite painful. I'm assuming she SUED him? If she has sued him successfully for $2k and he hasn't paid her penny, why does she think she'll be able to collect anything else from him. The police can't and won't help her collect on a judgment - this is completely up to her. If he does not have a job (that would allow her to garnish his wages) and he does not have an assets (house, bank accounts, etc. that she could go after, then she is likely wasting her time. She can certainly file in superior court for a breach of contract. She doesn't need a lawyer. She can do this herself. But all she will end up with is a piece of paper stating that he owes her money. If he doesn't have anything she can find to garnish, she won't ever get a penny.
Bastian Originally Answered: Can anyone give legal help?
It's horrable to be sewed. I'd hate that. Too much pain. Why do you think if she can't get the $2000 already awarded by a court she would do better collecting other judgements? She just needs to realize her screw up and not repeat it. If people aren't worthy of credit it should be a red flag for her or others not to loan to them.
Bastian Originally Answered: Can anyone give legal help?
No one convinced her she was more than willing to commit the act. No one is going to take the case because this guy hasn't a pot to piss in and she will never recover. Advice get on with life becaue this is going to cost her way more than she will ever get from this low life with NO MONEY!

Zilla Zilla
First up, why do you want to promote you band with a frontman who is no longer part of the band? I would remove all content from the internet that has him as your front man as soon as possible. That band does not exist anymore. As for the music and lyrics - one word - copyright. Is any of this copywrited? If he does sue you in small claims court then he has to prove among other things, monetary damage. If you peform concerts for free and give your songs away for free then how is he damaged? If you all never charged money for it in the first place then he has lost nothing. The way I see it is your band as you knew it is gone. It's time to go off the grid and get a new front man and relaunch the band with that guy. Focus on the now not the past.
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Zilla Originally Answered: Legal advice?
Take the papers and everything you have to the local labor relations board and have them look into it. It doesn't sound right to me, at all.

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