Doesn't my little sister have some EFFING anger issues?

Doesn't my little sister have some EFFING anger issues? Topic: Cold case sisters
June 19, 2019 / By Marshall
Question: She JUST turned 11 on the 21, and this is how she acts ALL the time. Okay, so she got an xbox for her birthday. And she was allowed to get one game, so my dad got her Grand Theft Auto IV. She and my older brother, 23, were playing it all night last night, and all day today. I'm the only one who has been patient and hasn't tried to hog it or anything. I was going to wait until she stopped playing to ask if I could try. (I'm 16, by the way). Me and my brother were playing around, and he put a computer chair on top of me, and i pushed it off, not realizing that my little sister had the Xbox in the improper spot, in the improper position. (She was supposed to have it under the table, horizontal. She had it about a foot in front of the table, vertical). So yeah, I knocked over the Xbox, and the GTA4 disk had a big scratch on it. We didn't notice at first, so we tried to run it a few times, and my little sister went in the other room for a drink. While she was in there, my brother and I saw the scratch, and I said, "oh, crap. I feel soo bad. I'll buy her a new one, then, since it's my fault." (I'm using MY OWN birthday money for something that TECHNICALLY isn't my fault. Shw should have put the f*cking Xbox in the right place, but I was trying to be nice about it, since I have $80 anyways. When she got back, I told her that when I knocked over the Xbox, that the disk got scratched. She immediately started freaking out, all pissed off and said, "I'll go look for the scratch remover, thanks a lot." She didn't even give me the chance to tell her I was getting her a new one. I even said sorry, and all she did was sigh and say "whatever." So she didn't find the scratch remover, so she ran and told my dad that I scratched her disk all up ON PURPOSE. WTF?! He didn't believe her, but STILL. She's such a lying little *****!!! UGH! So I got on her, my mom's, and my brother's computer to see if there was any way to fix the disk, or repair it, or to return it, even though I was the one that scratched it. She ran downstairs, and screamed, "get off of our computer! You have your own!!!!" And I said, "Camryn, you NEED to calm down, stop." And she's just yelling, "no you f*cking *****, GET OFF!!!!" And before I cold even answer, she ran towards me and tried to turn the f*cking computer off! So I pushed her away and said, "STOP! You need to calm the hell down!" And she pushed me over and said, "f*cking *****, you have your own computer." EVEN THOUGH it was obvious that I was trying to help and find solutions to the problem. She didn't care, she just wanted to hurt me. Then she ran upstairs yelling about how I'm a ***** and all that. My parents did NOTHING. WTF. My brother was the only one keeping me from kicking her @ss. Because he knows how to calm me down. But then Camryn ran downstairs one last time and said, "You're buying me a new game tomorrow. We're leaving at 10." And I said, "That's way too early. No, you're not in charge of sh!t around here. CALM DOWN FOR THE LAST TIME!" And she was like, "No. I can do whatever I want, you're buying me a new one tomorrow, you f*cking *****." Then she stormed off upstairs. Too bad the little @sshole didn't give me any time to tell her that I already planned on getting her a new one, even though it wasn't entirely my fault. These kind of things just prove what kind of self control I have. My dad should be getting screamed at right now, and my little sister's face should be black and blue. She is SO lucky. What would YOU do if your younger sibling acted like this?! I'm at my wit's end! This is how it ALWAYS is!
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Jeshaiah Jeshaiah | 10 days ago
I understand your frustration. She is young and has much to learn thats for sure. I applaud you for your patience and resolve and it shows much about your character. Obviously you can think ahead and know what certain actions to take and their impacts they have on all involved. Okay basically I see the whole thing as "me,me,me,me" on her behalf. Yes technically you damaged the disc and your willing to replace it which is kind and noble on your behalf but because of her behaviour afterwards I am compelled to offer some advise to help your situation. In her eyes that thing was hers and it was her world. I certainly remember how I felt at that age and I can't blame her for that. What you must now do is come up with a way to fix your problem and her problem. I highly suggest you give her no control and don't let her make you go buy her a new game straight away otherwise your truly doing her a diservice. She will think she can have whatever she wants and that will have repercussions in later life. Instead I suggest that you say that your willing to replace the game but she will have to wait for a week or two until you can get the money for it. Two things will likely happen. She will get crazy mad and hate you more and be even more me,me,me,me but that will be good for her simply because she is not in control but you are. You are controlling the situation and you choose when its right to make the situation right. She will learn that she can't demand and get what she wants but instead she has to show calm and restrain and earn all your trust. Tell her how it is but be creative so you have the bigger hand here. You'll all be better off if your creative about this. A similiar situation happened to me and my brother years back and I fixed it by being the smarter one. I hope in your case to match your abilities that you suceed.
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Jeshaiah Originally Answered: Does my seven year old son have anger issues?
There's probably some kind of interaction that is happening in the house that you don't even realize could be causing this huge emotional stress to your son. Have you had any feedback from adult family members or close friends? Someone who's been to your house and could make an observation that you hadn't thought of before? Saying that, I knew two of the sweetest, gentlest parents possible and they had a son like this too. They tried everything and I wish I still knew them to find out how their son turned out. It's been 10 years since I knew the little boy. The only thing I can think of is A: he is pushing your buttons to get this reaction. Try spending some fun, one on one time with him, talking and interacting with him as regularly as you can. Maybe he's not feeling special enough. B: he's got a chemical imbalance that he's powerless to cope with at his age. B isn't likely because he's able to be good at school. So I would say that his behavior is linked to the lack of positive attention he feels he's getting at home. Suggestions: Find out what his favourite colour is and then go shopping with him to find a shirt in that colour. Find out what his favourite interest is - buy a book about it and then spend some time sitting together reading and discussing the book. Every once in a while ask him about something that he holds near and dear to his heart so that he knows that even though you're not with him all the time, you're thinking about things that are interesting to him.

Gladwyn Gladwyn
Wow, she should NOT be using that language. I have an 11 yr daughter and she isn't allowed to cuss in our house. First, I would suggest (when your sisters not home or maybe upstairs) sitting both of your parents down & explaining the situation. I'm sure your parents would listen and reason with you. Sit your sister down and have a nice long sister to sister talk with her. (before your parents do). Don't lose your temper or get angry with her if she acts like a brat, stay calm & try to reason with her. I know it's hard to talk to her nicely after what she did, but just try. Tell her how you're sorry (even if you don't mean it) and she will come around sooner or later. Also, try to maintain a good relationship with her, no matter how hard it may be, because one day you might need her and/or she might need you. If she ever tries to fight with you, ignore it and do something else. She'll get sick of yelling and go away.
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Dorian Dorian
I applaud you for realizing that you should buy a new game for your sister. I think both you and your brother should split the cost since you Both were horsing around in her room and you are both responsible for the game falling over. You can try to blame your sisters placement of it but it's her room and she can out her things where she chooses to. Your parents need to take better control of your sister and her outbursts. You also need to keep your temper and attitude in check. Who should be in your fathers face screaming, you? Yeah right!! You need to grow up a little bit and take control of your emotions and reactions. Your sister is 11 right? Then why would you want to physically hurt her? Because you can! That's no way to handle the situation. At 16 you should be setting the example { or at least trying to}. How would yourself someone was hitting you? Talk to your parents about your sisters behavior and see what they say. In the mean time replace the game and pay attention to your behavior at home toward your family.
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Brenden Brenden
I pulled my parent's to the side bar as they say, and my lil sister and confronted the issue making her full warned not to say **** it's my turn to talk and that our parents need to hear the truth, she didn't really know what i was going to say then i just started letting the cat out of the bag about how much of a little royal biotch she is/was.. she was so upset and shocked she started flipping out, proving my point thank you.. and in doing so got herself grounded for a few weeks and put me on my way to being trusted with what i say.. so as the year's past anytime she acted up i went right to my parent's and they knew and trusted in me that it was true and would deal with it, now if both your parents are more hands off.. you could always punch her right in the back of the head and say it was an accident and try and baby her alittle..then when she gets up walk into her knocking her down and giggle alittle saying oh, im so sorry i was trying to get out of your way.
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Afton Afton
Wow. It's really hard for me to think of something. I usually hit my little sis when she does stuff like that. Really, you need to find a better way of punishing her. The computer-turning-off? If your parents have given up for the day, beat her. All out, grab her hair and shove her down, and hit her until she stops struggling. But that's the severe end of the punishment. You need to show your superiority. Since she's acting like a female dog, I think a water bottle would do the trick. Now that I think about it, it would be hard for your parents to really get mad about it, and it will definitely damper Miss Priss. Another dog-inspired technique is staring her in the eyes. Don't do the psycho-thing, it always fails horribly. Just stare her in the eyes until hers start watering. Cover her mouth if you must. Have a blank face, and try not to blink BUT DO NOT LET YOUR EYES WATER. Finally, tell her in all seriousness and no emotion, when she is calm, that she is being a little *****, that you are going to resort to harsh methods of punishment, and that yourself and other members of the family will beat her.
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Suellen Suellen
Emm Punch her is she autistic?? She Has V.bad Language Man Take her to the school counseller?? KIK HER ***
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Suellen Originally Answered: How do you deal with a mother with anger issues?
I am going through the same situation as you, except that my mother is filing for divorce. She yells and criticizes over the littlest things. Just a few moments ago, she went off on one of her "rampages" where she takes any object available and turns them into dust. I confronted her about how she shouldn't break stuff, but it was a bad idea, because I told her to stop when she was really angry. She threatened that she would "inflict pain on me" if she didn't let out her anger by breaking objects. However, my mother does listen if I talk to her when she's all calm down. If your mother calms down, take a moment to talk to her--but make sure you have someone with you when you do. If you can't, let your own anger and pain out, cry if you have to. It helps. Don't become what your mother has. She may be going through a difficult time herself, and she's just letting it all out on the closest outlet she has. She may be having trouble at work, or other sorts of conflicts. Listen to music that makes you happy. Talk to friends and confide with your closest friend of your problems you have at home. If you have a lot of anger, take it out on your pillow or teddy bear. If your mother is driving you up the wall, the best thing to do--even though others say it might make things worse, try to avoid your mother. Go to the library, join extra-curricular activities, or just go out for a walk. Keep calm whenever you are near her. Don't bring up things that could tick her off. Take deep breaths and remember that your mother still loves you, no matter what she says or does.

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