HEELLPP PLEASE! how do you stop procrastination?

HEELLPP PLEASE! how do you stop procrastination? Topic: How to write a short story 7th grade
June 26, 2019 / By Hayden
Question: it all started in grade 3. ever since then, when we get hmwk, i ALWAYS leave it to the last moment, and i sleep at 11or 12. 4 years of procratination. even if i try really hard, i always find myself on facebook or just goofing around. on friday, my mom said we could go swimming on sunday. and i have to write this story. 10-page story. friday: 2 pages. saturday: 1 page sunday(2day): 7 PAGES. SO I COULDNT SWIMMING. and i love swimming. i cried. about how stupid, how little self control i have. i feel so stupid . and it dosent help tht my mom keeps YELLING at me. PLZZZ!! help me.
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Best Answers: HEELLPP PLEASE! how do you stop procrastination?

Doriane Doriane | 2 days ago
Tell your mom to remind you to do things. I only start getting things done when people MAKE me do it. It's a secret shame of mine. Set alarms and write down things you need to get done on post-its and stick them EVERYWHERE, all around your computer screen. Open your books the minute you get home. You must correct yourself now, or it'll get worse. You got to stop sleeping so late, or else you'll be short forever.
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Doriane Originally Answered: How to stop procrastination?
a couple tricks I use... Get a cooking timer. Then set the timer and start the chore. Say it's cleaning up your room for 15 minutes. Before you know it you are running around like a mad man cleaning and laughing the whole time. I pretend I am on a reality TV program and everyone is watching me procrastinate. I then focus on the chore because I imagine everyone is watching. and finally, I set up some reward. If I finish...whatever it is...then I can have a bowl of ice cream. These are deals I make with myself. Example: Fold & put away the laundry...get to watch a movie. The funny thing is when I'm done I move onto another chore and have forgotten about the movie.
Doriane Originally Answered: How to stop procrastination?
Laziness/procrastination is just a habit, habits can be changed. Establishing a habit to replace a habit that is the result of many years of practice is very difficult. If you start slow and gradually increase you will have a better chance of establishing a habit. Of course, it will take 3 weeks or more to establish the habit. During those 3 weeks you have to commit yourself to doing something you don't really want to do. Any project usually has elements (collect materials, read the material, write, etc.). Force yourself to take the first small step, usually this leads to further effort. Well begun is half done. Ben Franklin

Cassie Cassie
Make a list of things to do. Write it down. Also put them in order of priority. Then put them in your calendar on your phone and set a alarm for it. Btw when you finish it on your list, cross them out when your done to show how far you gotten
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Annabelinda Annabelinda
Tell your self you have to get it done...I do that with my diet...uhh ohhhhh! & eventually get tired of having no results. Prioritize!
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Annabelinda Originally Answered: How do I stop procrastination?
You just have to push yourself harder. You need good grades to get accepted to a good college. If you're not in college, how will you expect to pass if you can't keep up w/highschool. And if you're in college, it'd be good to keep up w/your grades so you can have a nice profession later on in life. I push myself hard because I want a nice life for my future family. I am lazy but I know that I need to study and do well if I want to make money and not be flipping burgers at mc donalds.

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