Can you PRETTY PLEASE give me some quick advice? Ten points to most helpful answer. thanks a lot?

Can you PRETTY PLEASE give me some quick advice? Ten points to most helpful answer. thanks a lot? Topic: Management term paper
June 16, 2019 / By Jocelin
Question: Hello people. i graduated high school lasted year, wasted a year doing nothing, and now i have decided to finally come to terms with what i want to do with the rest of my life. i'm the type of person who knows what she likes and guess what, i don't like anything. and i know for a fact i will not develop an interest in anything. i've done a lot of self-reflecting but still don't know : ( i know that i like to do a lot of hands on work and want to make a lot of money. i've thought about an actor, director, technology designer and engineer. i dont' want to step foot into healthcare because it's just not my cup of tea. i ruled out engineering, acting and directing because i suck at math and acting and direction just seems to good to be true. besides, i think i just like the idea of becoming an actor or director. Technology designer..i'm not too sure about because firstly, it doesn't make that much money and secondly i've been hearing that a lot of design work is being outsourced. it should be something fun, and hand-on..and of course something that makes a lot of money. i'm just exploring careers right now..so i'm all ears. if you got any good ideas for the future, PLEASE let me know! thanks soo much. i just want to explore as many careers as i can. so far, i've explored A LOT OF careers and none of them appeal to me in any way. I just hope i come across something that i find interesting. Also, I’m kind of thinking about going into innovative technology…I kind of want to make technology but I think that’s what an engineer does right??? One thing though, I ‘ve always wanted to invent new and innovative technology, but I’ve always known that only an engineer can do that, so I haven’t paid much heed to that. Then I’ve thought about maybe designing technology, but again don’t know if I’ll be good at it. industrial designer does fit the description, but i just don't know if i'm creative enough. Please help me out. Sorry for my bad grammar..didn’t feel like fixing anything up.
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Best Answers: Can you PRETTY PLEASE give me some quick advice? Ten points to most helpful answer. thanks a lot?

Gabriella Gabriella | 8 days ago
You mention engineering back and forth, and an interest in technology. I am an electrical engineer, and overall I feel I chose the right path. I have a daughter who has also become an EE 2 years ago, and she is doing very well. My father was a mechanical/industrial engineer, as well, so I have a lot of exposure to it. There is a lot of math in school, much less in the real world. I think as a design engineer I see more than my father or daughter on the job. I rarely use more than algebra, switching over to computer simulation for the more strenuous tasks. I am not seeing outsourcing, personally, but I have almost always worked for small companies. From what I hear, there has been some rebound back to US jobs as employers realize that some tasks do not lend themselves well to overseas coordination. That said, I am glad my daughter is in power engineering, working for a utility as that seems outsource-proof. As far as design goes, yes, it can be fun and hands-on. Small companies in particular will let you do the paper design, breadboard, and even software for the built in computers. I find that kind of thing very rewarding. Of course, there is also tons of documentation and other paperwork, meetings and for me at least, a constant pull towards management that I have resisted. Hope that helps.
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Davinia Davinia
Okay.....you've already stated that "i don't like anything. and i know for a fact i will not develop an interest in anything." With that being said, I would forget anything in the technology or innovative technology sectors, as well as anything having to do with engineering. These fields are very detailed and demanding and require not only an "interest", but a passion for the work. If you've already resigned yourself to not being happy about anything you do, I don't see you being a success at anything...and forget the "make a lot of money" part. You have to earn that little perk. I sincerely hope you soon have an epiphany and find something you're passionate about, because life isn't going to wait for you. Good luck.
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Brenna Brenna
When it comes to doing something for the rest of your life consider these very important points Do I like it? I am good at this? Do I have a passion for this? You need to focus on what your God given gift is. That's the thing that you will be driven to perfect and in perfecting it will come the money the better you are at something the more demand there is for u and it increases your pay. Slow down and think about the things you enjoy doing and pick what stands out the most and aim to perfect and use it to profit u. You never want to end up in a good paying job that u hate going to everyday. Money is nice but its not worth misery.
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Alexia Alexia
I always had a passion for my work so it'd be hard to tell you what to do. I'd probably start college and take the lower level courses required for just about anything. Or I'd visit some schools and sit in on some classes or google a lot of vocations to see if anything interests you. You could also volunteer until you find something you'd really like to do. By focusing on something other than yourself you may become interested in something else.
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Tybalt Tybalt
My ex is a stage hand and he gets to do alot of intresting hands on stuff. It also gives you the opportunity to experience many different fields of work so you could possibly be exposed to one that you would like to explore deeper and go to school for. Examples- production, sound, set design, lighting and the list goes on and on. He did not even graduate high school and he makes over $40000 a year. Only catch is that alot of times you have to pay to join a union and then you work your way up the call list. His union is in Atlanta so we are near alot of venues for like broadway and concerts. If you are not near a city you could try to go on the road with a show, that's where you make the big money i've heard anyways. The union is called IATSE.
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Rickey Rickey
You should try getting a job as a waitress. ive been working at a somewhat fancy Italian restaurant for the last few months as a busboy and ive heard the waiters and waitresses talk about how much they, and other waiters in this restaurant can make: $600-$1000 per week. Its normally a fast-paced job and pretty fun. you can make GREAT tip money and meet some interesting people and obviously...you don't need to go to school to get any degrees ( you will need training/experience though because theres a lot to remember). anyway... goodluck!
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Merle Merle
To be perfectly honest, if money is your driving force you will never be happy regardless of what you do. You need to get over the whole make a fortune thing, find what you like to do and do that. And acting is something that is very hard to get into. Unless you already have a way to get a job in the field I would look elsewhere.
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