I really like this girl please give me advice?

I really like this girl please give me advice? Topic: Funny homework jokes
July 18, 2019 / By Marlee
Question: Hello, I am a 10th grader, at highschool.. There is this girl that I really like, who is in 9th grade.. We have have 1 class togther, and we have been in same class 3 times so far this year. I am an aid for the class.. This girls face always gets red when I see her in the hallway, and she has a little smile. She has been my neighbor (2 blocks away) for 3 years. I am pretty shy at school, and she is also. What should I do, i really want to start talking with her, but not sure how..? Should I talk to her in the Class, leave it alone? or what??
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Krystina Krystina | 6 days ago
bro. im in high school as well. Are you funny? smart? what im saying is realize your strong points, and use them. if you're in the same class, the easiest thing to do is ask about school, maybe call her and talk about homework. then let the conversation move away from school. same neighborhood? great. talk about that guy in the neighborhood whose dog keeps leaving deposits on your lawn. if she seems to totally shut you down, dont be discouraged. shes shy, remember? so keep trying. if it gets to the point where she avoids you at all times then you know shes not interested. But if she does like you, she will continue to talk to you despite her shyness. and if she opens up to you, maybe laughing at your jokes (being funny but not obnoxious is important.) girls love nice guys. i do hope you dont swear and kick puppies. hopefully you are sensitive and show genuine concern. ask her to a dance. "Hey i know freshman dont get to go to as many dances as sophomores, and our homecoming is coming up and i was wondering if you'd like to go with me." if she says no, still dont be discouraged. so the biggest thing you need to do is start things. She might like you, but many girls want the guy to make the first step. talk to her, about anything, make jokes but dont be obnoxious, be nice and of course, if you can, integrate compliments into normal conversations. "Mrs. Hick's said that to you? Well she's wrong of course you are much too nice to do something like that." "Hah I'm sure you didnt need to do much for school pictures your hair always looks great!" etc. if she doesn't like you, dont be a jerk and never talk to her. still be friendly. and if she does like you, you better pay attention because shy girls never let on if they can help it. good luck man.
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Jedida Jedida
well 1st of all say hi to her when u see her for a couple of times, then dont say hi to her and wait till she says hi to u (thats how u can tell if she likes u) and if she doesnt, still say hi to her. and then if u see her after skool then ask if u guys can walk together and talk about something u both hav a common or say funny stories and stuff cuz a girl loves a guy who can make her laugh. and then just be urself, dont try to act cool or like too into urself cuz most girls hate that. if she turns red, she obviously likes u:D GOOD LUCK:D
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Faye Faye
lol talk to her dude. your not getting anywhere with her if you just look at her and she just smiles back lmao your both shy, and she's probably more shy of you. its just a 1 grade difference so you should deff talk to her man up dude. talk to her in class and introduce yourself. ask her what does she think about the school or the class girls love confidence so take a little risk and talk to her. its sounds like she likes you lol good luck homie :)
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Corrina Corrina
It seems like she may like you also if her face gets red in the hall way. I dunno you could just go up and ask her a question like oh hey do you know what the hw is for tonight? or something to start a converstation! you should atleast try
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Bethanie Bethanie
to locate a female pal? you'll be desperate. Anyhoo, in simple terms be your self. If she does not like that, then she's not top for you. Be your self guy!!! women love adult men who're continually their selves. sturdy success!!!!
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