Does this girl like me, or hate me?

Does this girl like me, or hate me? Topic: What does a conclusion look like
June 26, 2019 / By Sherry
Question: this girl in my class calls me a no life because i like video games. she saw my drawing of link from legend of zelda and she asked me if im into anime and video games. The next time in class she ask me the weirdest question: "are you looking for a depressing girl friend?" then she went on to saying that i have no life and that my life is depressing. Im really immature and just make jokes the whole time but i think she was being serious. my friends told me that she is totally into me but i have to disagree. what do you think?
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Peony Peony | 2 days ago
it kind of sounds like she is hinting...but without knowing her personality it's hard to come to a conclusion. next time flip the convo and ask what she likes. if she tends to like things you like...this may be a subtle hint she is actually interested in you. 'are you looking for a depressing gf' could be her talking down other girls.... like the other guys said I'd say **** it and if you are interested invite her to do something this is a knockoff online game like the original zelda but you can play w/ friends www.tinyurl.com/zeldagame
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Peony Originally Answered: I hate my life,i hate my family,i am always depressed and lonely,i have no friends help! =(?
If your sure you hate your family and are absolutely sure that the cause of all your problems is because of your family, go to a Social Worker, one of those people that take you away from your family and place you with another family. Forget about your family for awhile, if your able to shave your legs even though they don't want you to, you should be able to wear make up and pluck your eyebrows(i honestly think you should get it done by a pro or don't do it at all(my mom went tweezers crazy when she was 15 and now they look like a clown, srsly not joking)) and wear whatever you want, and also shop wherever you want. Btw they may let you wear make up wear skinny jeans, and pluck your eyebrows if you buy the make up, jeans, and tweezers yourself. Plus since your bestfriend isn't your friend anymore it shouldn't matter if you can visit her, and you said your parents made you hang out with girls, you where bounde to make friends with one of them. Also you shouldn't be mad or ashamed your bi/lesbian, plus your probably going through puberty, it often make both males an females question their sexuality, but you shouldn't be worrying about that, that's whats collage is for! xD btw you parents probably made you hang out with girls more cuz the wanted you to be more ladylike i hanged around with boys when i was 9-11 and i was so butch, i still am, but my mom did the same as yours did(make me hang /w girl) the only diff is that i wear more fitting pants and actually brush my hair. And it is okay to cry, i always do always have, now i just cry most times i don't know why. I never liked meeting new people too, i still don't like to. BUT they are easier to make friends with compared to people who have seen you and know you(just your name and family). They are easier to make friends with cuz they don't know a thing about you. For example i meet me cousin last summer for the first time, at first we where like "Hi" and asking what our favorite things where and what we liked to do, and probably a half hour later we where talking about our friends back home, just imagine, that would be easier as to suppose if i where to go up to a girl who knows the general info on my(i love to draw, i'm on computer a lot and i only have 2 friends) life, and cold judge me on that since those are the major things in my life and might not be interested with some anti-social-anime-loving girl. Trust me know one actually understands you unless hey are going trough or have gone trough what your going trough, and most of the time family are the most non-understandable people around. I also wanna die a lot of the times but i also wanna live... You said that your brother are m 18, 19 and 23 and your sister is 22, correct? Well they aren't miners like you. They are basically adults by law and your still a child. You mother could just be WAY over protective of you who know it could be totally different by the time you turn 18 too. i;ve been in that position too, where my mom just ignores me and acts like i'm such a pain. I'll ask where shes going, cuz i may need something and she'll ignore me i'll yell even and i KNOW shes ignoring me... I have imagined and hoped that one day i could be taken away from her and put with my father, but i know that would just be harder for him cuz he's not that wealthy and is already taking care of my two other sisters. And no you aren't the most ugliest girl on Earth. There are women, young girls, baby girls on earth who are deformed and are isolate themselves because they are afraid of people who'll make fum of them. Also it kinda upsets me cuz on interview on some of them they say the could just be a normal person and get acne like normal girls and have conflicts with others. wow i wrote a lot! O.O
Peony Originally Answered: I hate my life,i hate my family,i am always depressed and lonely,i have no friends help! =(?
honey I was so very much like you when I was your age. Now I am old enough to be your mother. That's scary. Sweet heart it will get better. Being the youngest sucks. Your parents are most likey not ready to see their "baby" grow up. they aren't ready to see you dating or hanging out with boys. They want to keep you the baby as long as they can. I know you aren't a baby, they know it. But they aren't ready to accept it. i am sure if you ask her your mom had a hard time sending you to kindergarten. She probably wanted to keep you home longer. I know it is hard to convience them you aren't a baby. Esp. since you are still a child. 13 is way to young to be dating and wearing provocative clothing. i.e. skinny jeans and make up. Maybe start by asking to wear lip gloss or cool hair assories. Don't rush growing up by wearing clothing that is too old for you. When you are in your 20's you will have plenty of time to wear that stuff. You also have to look at your older siblings. Did they anything stupid that your parents are worried you might repeat. Are your parents afraid that they might make the same mistakes raising you that they did raising your siblings? Maybe they are just being over protective. As far as the depression goes. Most teenagers are depressed at one point or another. It comes with the hormones. Which leads me to the sex thing. Being gay doesn't happen just becasue you aren't allowed to be around boys. (if it did every girl that ever went to a private girls school would be a lesibian) You are either born that way or you aren't. You said people label you as emo or as depressed etc. KIDS ARE MEAN! Every kids young and teen goes through this. IGNORE IT. You are the only one you really knows who you are. Don't listen to people to label you. You say you have no friends. I went through the same thing a few years back. I was in my 20's and felt very alone and had no real friends. But I joined some activites that I enjoyed and made some good friends. Maybe you can do that. Are there any clubs at school or the YMCA you could join. 13 isn't too young for girl scouts or 4 H. Could you take dance classes, yoga, or join an art club. Anything that you might be able to talk your parents into letting you go out of the house to join? It would get you out of the house and you could make friends. The last thing I want to suggest to you is a way to vent your depression, frustration and anger. I used to write poetry and short storeis. No they weren't all that great but it really helped me to have a place to pour out all my emotions. Hang in there sweetheart. It will get better. I promise you that. You are still very young. It will get better!
Peony Originally Answered: I hate my life,i hate my family,i am always depressed and lonely,i have no friends help! =(?
I'm 17 and my mom want let me do anything. im only allowed to stay in my room and use my computer i dont have friends either i can really relate to you and what you are saying. just keep your head up and stay in school things will get when you get older.hopefully you will find friends thats just like you.;) you parents are doing this because they care about you its a crazy world out there and full weird people if your bi then thats your choice don't worry about what people say. just be yourself people will like you for you.and try having a long talk with your mom. ps.im here if you need someone to talk to :)
Peony Originally Answered: I hate my life,i hate my family,i am always depressed and lonely,i have no friends help! =(?
i understand. i have known people who have gone through the same exact thing, even though you may think it has only ever happened, and gotten this bad w/ only you. i strongly suggest that you should take some time to sit down with your mom and tell her your feelings, even though you think shes not caring or listening to you. Say everything you feel bad about, dont scream or get angry though when talking to her, that could make it worse. Do not try to offend her, the adoption thing i think you can leave out, or tell her that you dont feel like you belong in this house, say it in a different way. Talk to someone at school, or talk to your older sister. Speak in a quiet voice(meaning not screaming, etc.). dont consider yourself emo, because you aren't. deep down inside you aren't. show your true self and what your true personalty is, or the personality that you want to have. Every life in this ENTIRE universe HAS a purpose, even though you think its a waste, and there's nothing to life. God(yes, God), has created EVERYONE BEAUTIFULLY in the perfect way. He loves you the way you are like, and he would never want you to change that. I want you to read something. The Bible. Now i know that it may sound retarded to you, but i want you to do it. There are many stories of people in the Bible who lost hope, lost everything around them, including their family turning away from them, and friends. Read those stories, and find those stories. One of the greatest stories of all relates to your problem, the story of Jesus. He grew up as a normal child, but when he was older, he was accused of lying, basically a lot of things, which were NOT true. Everyone in the CITY turned against him, and ignored him, but he still loved them. You see, Even though people may turn against, do not turn against them back. Instead show them that you want to interact with them, and show and tell them how you feel, this will give them a chance to also show you how they feel about you. Talking this over with your mother can show your mother and yourself, how to work out things in life, and how to live life to the fullest. Remember, EVERY life has a purpose and is worth living for.

Peony Originally Answered: I hate the world, and I hate humans, I never really understand them, I guess this is normal?
Perhaps if you stood for something, believed in something, did something useful with your life, other then looking for the bad in everything, you would have a different attitude. Its not as bad as all that, there are good and bad people out there, who are busy making a life for themselves. It never is a good idea to zero in on the negatives and thinking whats the use am going to die anyways, as if you keep doing it, you have not lived, not have been happy and your life was a total waste. From what you say, i think you would benefit frm counsellings. They can teach you HOW TO HAVE A REASON TO BE, how to see an other human being, how to co-exist with others, helping each other be a better person In order to understand others, first of all you have to understand yourself, you have to belive in something, you have to create a meaning to your life
Peony Originally Answered: I hate the world, and I hate humans, I never really understand them, I guess this is normal?
What plant do you just land from! Humans are not suppose to be easy to understand, if they were life would not hold any meaning at all, want the the right kine of answers go read a good book, they call the Bible you will fine your answers!

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