Im planing on breedin my QH stud?

Im planing on breedin my QH stud? Topic: What does background mean in a research paper
June 26, 2019 / By Gussie
Question: Im planing on breeding my QH stud to palomino colored QH in the begining of may. Im NOT breeding for color, just for another show horse. Both got extreme conformation and and bloodlines. But im curious what colors we might end up with? Dont call me a BYB because im not, me and the lady that owns the mare have been working together for about the past 4 yrs, on when to breed. And have decided this will be the year, I was having back problems this past 2 yrs so I didnt have time to train a new foal. Well anyways My stud is a Dark bay, has dom. gene for black points. But his sire Snazzy Story has a flaxen mane and tail. There is also a few palominos in his bloodlines too. here is a link to his bloodlines, I dont have the mares papers yet so i havent really had a chance to see what she has in her pedigree. But im thinking im going to get a buckskin out of the two. But with the sire of my stud having a flaxen mane and tail, plus the palo in blood line im not sure. http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sonny+sn... Im j/w about color, Yes i have done my research. This is not the first time breeding my stud either, he has one other foal on the way in may. MAKE NOTE OF THIS:::: i dont breed my stud to every horse either, only select breedings. i have only breed him to one mare out of about 20 peolpes horses, the last person is keeping the baby for show purpose. and if she decides she doesnt want the baby any more, it will come back to us, and they all must be gelded Some how my last question was put in reptiles Sorry the link didnt work here is one that does!!!! http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/sonny+sn... Well i figured since he has dom black gene for the points the palominos creme gene will dilute the red and that how i figure out the buckskin. But really i dont really care what color i get. I have two bays QH and a chesnut arabian now. I hate to see people who just breed and never keep records of their offspring. Any one who breeds to our stud, signs a contract "if they are not able to keep or care for the horse it will be sold back to me. " but i only breed to select people that i know for a fact will keep the horse for life. The people who bought my first pony (mom got him for me when i was 4) said if they ever get rid of him i will be the first to know. I would take him back in a heartbeat although i grew out of him. I trained him for carting so he would still get some use if he came back to me. Like i said either way i dont care what color it is, as long as its healthy and a nice show horse. Wouldnt mind a buckskin thou i never had that color before. The mare was bred before and it was a buckskin but i didnt ask what the sire was. She bought the momma and baby together.
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Diann Diann | 5 days ago
All this wondering about color...how about HYPP? Are both N/N? Sure hope so. If they aren't I can think of worse names than a BYB to toss about. Your explanation of the genetics is a bit sketchy. Do you mean the stallion has the double agouti? If he is a bay, he has to have at least one...and if there's black, it expresses. The dilute in his background doesn't mean anything for his get from his prospective, because he doesn't have it. Dilute always expresses. UNLESS he is actually a smokey (diluted) black instead of a dark bay. As they say, only UC Davis know for sure. You can't pass on what you don't have, regardless of ancestry. Assuming the dam is Palomino and the sire is indeed Bay, you could get red, black, bay, smokey black, buckskin, or palomino. You know the mare is Red/Red diluted. She may or may not throw the dilute. Mom must throw red, it's all she's got. She may or may not throw the dilute...if she does, it's palomino, smokey black, or buckskin. The rest is really up to dad. So if dad throws red, you'll get red or palomino. If dad thows black but no agouti, you'll get black or smokey (dilute) black. If dad throws black AND agouti, you'll get bay or buckskin. I'm trying on purpose to stay off the whole breeding rant so I'm going to only say that the sloppy BYBs are the ones who have ruined the market for everyone else, who may have a decent mare or stallion that can produce a nice foal. Only you know if you're kidding yourself about "excellent" vs. decent.
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Careen Careen
You might get a buckskin, bay, brown, black, or palomino. Maybe a grulla or liver chestnut. There are so many variables, that the only thing you can know is that it will be a horse. We have a bay stud and have had black, red, buckskin and bay foals. We have not bred to any palomino mares, so I am not sure what we'd get there. We get black foals from this bay and a red mare whose parents are a red paint and rose grey arabian..go figure.
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Amie Amie
My buckskin is out of a palomino mare by a bay stud. The creme gene may or may not show up. You'll probably get a buckskin or bay, is my guess. But you could get a chestnut or palomino, since both parents carry that gene too.
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Washington Washington
I have to say I'm with "cnsdubie" on this one. Just because you've been talking about this with someone for 4 years does not qualify you to be breeding horses. What is your knowledge about genetics? From your question, you don't have much, and based on your grammar, you'd never pass a course in it. How do you know that your stud and prospective mare have "extreme" conformation? Have either of them gone Hi Point in a halter show? I doubt it. What matters is a good show record and how they compare to the breed standard. Sorry, but you ARE a BYB; I hate to burst your bubble, but you need a degree in equine science to do this right, or come from a long line of professional breeders. Leave this stuff to them.
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