Anorexia psychology help please?

Anorexia psychology help please? Topic: The important of exercises essays
June 26, 2019 / By Denny
Question: I'm writing an essay on the clinical characteristics of anorexia, and I've got all the information I need, I was just wondering what their sleeping habits are? Do they sleep alot and fall asleep during the day or do they suffer from insomnia or something? I suffer from anorexia and I fall asleep alot but I was wondering if that is a clinical characteristic or if insomnia was more reliable? Thanks x
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Belshazzar Belshazzar | 8 days ago
I do hope you get help for this dangerous psychological eating disorder you are suffering from.. It's very important that you really commit to maybe going into rehab, because only there can you get the help you and millions of others who suffer from an eating disorder, really get optimal therapy from a specialist doctor, a psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in eating disorders, a nutritionalist who helps you and millions of others to help you to choose the right foods to get your health back... From what I have read about anorexia, I can guess it makes a person very tired because the cells in the body are deprived of nutrients they so urgently need to give the body the necessary energy to do things.. and if you don't eat and only drink water, then you must be tired out... and still some drive themselves to the absolute limit and exercise... Nobody suffering from anorexia can feel good inside of themselves.. because the body is starving. It craves food but the anorexic won't allow it to get the food it craves... they go out walking.. they often are anorexic and they still walk for miles and miles just to make sure that the tiny amount of food they ate during the day, gets burned off... Watch the anorexics on Supersize vs. Superskinny.. there are two people in an eating clinic who both suffer from eating disorders.. one suffers from overeating and is obese, the other does not eat enough but is not really anorexic yet but eats very little and very unhealthy tiny meals and they are way below a healthy BMI.. but then there are also 5 real anorexics on that show. 4 females and a 20 year old male.. All of them are anorexics and all of them walk on a daily basis.. 2 of the women are mom's and married.. their kids are healthy but it's very tough on relationships and of course an anorexic mom is not a role model for her child.. neither is an obese one... They learn in the 9 or 8 weeks on that program to become less afraid of going shopping and preparing food and actually eating food... I believe that sleeping a lot makes sense as the body is deprived of nutrients it needs to get the energy to do things.. but on the other hand.. having watched that program of anorexics I also know that they are determined to walk or use an exercise bike to get rid of the few calories they allow their body to consume per day.. they want to burn them off again...that's why they need urgent help to see the danger in their way of thinking...and anorexia nervosa has the highest death rate of all the eating disorders that exist... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOouAmEEn...
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Aaran Aaran
Why we eat is for fuel. Food is metabolized by our thyroid with iodine in it hence ( iodized salt ). Have you never imagined the cells that are needing nourishment? Has your hair fell out yet? It will. My friend was anorexic from nursing college. She didn't sleep much and we took her to a psychologist to save her. She learned all the ways that our body uses food. She was 5' 5" and weighed 120. She started eating small meals throughout the day. and some snacks. Here's what she was recommended to eat: 1 breakfast 1 bowl of cereal , 1/2 glass juice and 1 piece of toast. Then she could think and do her lessons without falling asleep. We sleep good with food in our belly's. Without it were doomed for failure. Are you sure you want the world to know about your condition? It is a step in the right direction.I'm gonna tell you what the DR told her. She was a beautiful girl, very intelligent too. BUT she couldn't do her daily college routine without fuel.She tried to hide this condition but we knew.She was just bones on with skin. She had had enough, We was determined to help her if she would agree to let us. She did.Without proper nourishment nothing works right, she got a chemical imbalance from not eating.Her organs needed the food for her to think. walk, talk, test,sleep, mainly her central nervous system was a wreck.It didn't come overnight.The meals I mean. She couldn't take vitamins on an empty stomach neither could she sleep either that way.She started with cereal and whole milk.there's a lot of vitamins in cereal, not much fat either.after that she took a multivitamin with iron too.See the way our bodies metabolise the food it distributes the crutial vitamins to where they needed them most. It was taking away her vision. Then after she started eatting she began to think clear and loved the new feeling of healthy verses illness. The effects of anorexia are devistating.Google this: What role does anorexia nervousa have on the body?How does it effect the vital organs and our brain? What role does anorexia play in insomnia? What is the daily recommended foods for the human body to function properly? God be with you and I'm glad to see you're taking the 1st step against this disorder.=)
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Sherrie Sherrie
I think the most important thing for you to point out is that anorexia is about control. That's the point you need to include for sure. When people feel like they don't have control of the world around them, they can control their eating habits and make themselves "perfect". Then I would talk about the genetic connection. Maybe mention how when one twin is anorexic the other twin is more likely to be, etc. I've always thought that was interesting. Then connect it to mental illnesses. That should be easy. Best of luck! Sorry if I wasn't much help. Please do me a favor, don't make everyone with the disease sound like some shallow conformist like people often do. Be sensitive about it and understand it's an addiction about having control over yourself. Like any addiction, I don't think people would choose to have it.
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Penny Penny
sleeping isn't a side effect that I've heard of from anorexia. it's a symptom of depression though.
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