What's a good story idea for a teen?

What's a good story idea for a teen? Topic: How to write a book reference with two authors in text
June 19, 2019 / By Gweneth
Question: I don't want every detail of the plot but a rough overview of a preferably fantasy or romance potential story.
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Dina Dina | 9 days ago
What would be the fun in flat-out using another person's ideas? I have a few books I know I'll never get around to writing and debated whether I should just pass them on to you but finally decided against it. Instead, I'll answer the question you should have asked: I'm a teenager with a young, still-developing imagination, and I would like to learn how to put it to use by learning to create my own worlds on blank pages. In that case, you came to the right person. One helpful way to develop your imagination is people-watching. Go to the park or some other public area and observe the people around you. When you find one that you find particularly interesting, that person becomes a character. Who are they? Are they a monster in disguise? Maybe that's why you are watching them. You are working undercover for the CIA. Or maybe that person is a teenager who is about to take on a very important role in some sort of revolution. Another idea is to, obviously, daydream. Dystopian futures are all the rage now so maybe you could take something you don't like about the way the world is headed and exaggerate it extremely. Since you said you like romance, maybe build the best relationship you could between two characters before completely tearing apart their relationship in the most painful way imaginable. I'm not much of a romance fan so sorry I can't help you more. Another thing you can do (and this one is the easiest for beginners, but is also the easiest one to misuse) is to draw inspiration from other works. I don't mean to plagiarize their work. I mean to find specific things you like and incorporate that into your story. Maybe you read the Hunger Games and (SPOILERS!) Prim dying didn't make you cry nearly as much as when Katniss had to tell the cat she was dead. Figure out why that made you cry and use that. Or maybe you were enraged that Finnick was killed off in one sentence. (SPOILER OVER) Figure out why you felt those intense emotions while reading the book and incorporate that emotion into your writing. Pinterest is also helpful for me. I would suggest to create an account and search things like "character inspiration", or "creative writing" and from there if you click on Boards, you will find a lot of boards dedicated to writing. If you have an account, you can pin or like things for later reference. My last piece of advice is to expose yourself to the most creative and imaginative media you can find (books, movies, TV shows) and try to figure out what was going on in the author or producer's mind when they were writing it. I don't know if this works for everyone but for me, if I allow myself to think freely without trying to stick to the topic, I can come up with completely unique ideas that actually have nothing to do with what I'm watching/ reading. Some ideas for imaginative media: Books: Tolkien books (this is a good order to read them in if you're confused about where to get started: http://www.reddit.com/r/lotr/comments/151jct/recommended_reading_for_tolkien_fans/), Divergent trilogy, Harry Potter series, some religious texts if you consider yourself mature enough, Alice In Wonderland Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull Movies: Stranger Than Fiction, The Never Ending Story, Life of Pi (I haven't gotten around to the book but the movie was great), Disney's Fantasia, 1408 TV shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly, Star Trek I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but if you want a future in writing, it's the answer you needed. I'm an aspiring author majoring in creative writing and I hate to see people's imagination go to waste. If you did find this answer helpful, and need any more advice, you could email me. I don't know if my settings currently allow you to email me from my profile, but if not, I'll fix that. Have fun writing!
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Carin Carin
A good teen story might be one about a teen who is forced to go to an isolated mental facility, but the facility is actually a place for for people with special powers. Then the teen escapes and wants revenge on the society that out him/her there,but falls in love with a special agent ordered to capture that person.
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Carin Originally Answered: Is this a good story idea? And what's a good title?
You lacked answers last time because this is just a premise, not a plot. You don't have a conflict, for one, and really nothing would happen in this story. I can't even begin to give titles until I know what actually goes on in this book. Right now you have an undeveloped idea. Start thinking of a problem that will make this interesting and worth reading. I'm not being rude, I'm just trying to help. Trust me, until you develop this a little further no one can help you with something as advanced as a title. Hope this helps!
Carin Originally Answered: Is this a good story idea? And what's a good title?
This is a good idea but not a PLOT. It should have Act 1, inciting incident, conflict that leads to Act 2 which is decision making and then Act 3 which is the last step before Climax, which is the end. If you split the story in this way, you could fill the spaces and come up with a plot. All the best!

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