Worried about move to big city far away?

Worried about move to big city far away? Topic: Crime research articles
July 17, 2019 / By Sydney
Question: Hi, I'm planning to move away from home to go to college. We are a very close family and I've grown up very sheltered. It's not in another country, but it is like a whole day's travel away. Financialy, regular visits are not possible, maybe twice a year, if that. I've got some money saved up and I've chosen what to study. I'm signing the papers in July. I'm using this year to prepare myself for next year. This means getting my drivers and taking a few classes, spending extra time with my friends... I'm totally excited. And terrified. Can someone tell me what to expect in this situation and what to watch out for? Being alone for the first time is a scary thought .
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Paulie Paulie | 8 days ago
Get yourself and your family connected to skype. So you can talk to each other. Plan your move. Your new accommodation. Get to know all about the new city. And be careful of crime. Big cities always have a bit more crime that towns. Remember, when you get to college, you will not be the only one away from home and the family the first time. Take part in all the activities for new students. Get to know where your classes will be and see if there are some fellow-students close to you. Every time your stomach turns when you think of something, try to think of a positive point to that think. Research your new place and find out where the nicest attractions are. http://www.expatarrivals.com/article/fro... http://www.mademan.com/mm/10-tips-moving... http://www.wikihow.com/Adjust-to-Living-... Good luck with your planning, your licence and your studies.
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you signed the letter of acceptance..making it that--much harder for you to do anything about it, legally...why would you want to sue the company? they gave you the promotion either way, you didn't lose your residence, and didn't lose any money in the process...the only thing is that they asked you to move somewhere, and changed their mind, after you had your heart set on it...making you feel angered and self embarrassed...just have a talk with someone in the corporate of your employment and demand an answer as to why they changed their mind, after you had gotten everything together for the move..tell them you appreciated the promotion, but all the stress and effort you put into it was for nothing? i understand that you're hurt about all of this, but if you look into it..for the long run...is it really worth suing them? for all we know, you can sue them, put all that money into lawyers, filing, etc..then them turning around and dropping the case..all for nothing...you got the promo, dude..hey, you still landed on top :)...either way...good luck
Paulie Originally Answered: My Company asked me to move to different city and 3 days before the move asked me to stay in the same city.?
For crying out loud, what are you going to sue for? What damage was done to you? You got a freaking promotion and I assume a higher paycheck. You RENT!!! And you did not even lose the apartment! Geeze, some people would complain if they were hung with a silk rope.

Lorrin Lorrin
Of direction you will have to move back to your dwelling town. Which you can now recognize the city more seeing that you could have lived near a significant metropolis. Security is a good purpose to extra again house. People in smaller cities usually are not so much closed minded as they have found part of society that they consider reliable and secure in and do not want that to vary. Please do not try to alternate the small town that you just grew up in on account that then it could now not be the satisfactory situation that's safe and comfortable for families to elevate youngsters.
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Jaye Jaye
Prayer always helps me just talk to T FATHER, you are bettering yourself and making a brighter future. Fear of the unknown is always unnerving but, in time, when you see the big picture you'll be better off! Keep your head up and smile! College was some of the best years of my life! GOD Bless!
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Jaye Originally Answered: How do you move to a new city when your 18 if you cant drive?
You can hope to find someone looking for a room mate. That would be cheaper for a start. Most want first and last months rent upfront. If that works out, ask where the jobs are. Contact the employers. You can ship your possessions to your new address. Take a bus to the new city or town. Just be careful of who you are choosing for a room mate. Make sure your contacts know where you will be and keep in touch. Safety first. Good luck.

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