Skinny jeans to an amusement park.?

Skinny jeans to an amusement park.? Topic: Makeup case set
July 17, 2019 / By Brielle
Question: I'm going to an amusement park tomorrow & i got NO idea what to wear.. I checked the weather & it's supposed to be High: 76 Low: 52 So on average: 65 I'm going with a guy i REALLY like, so i wanna look cute. It's not warm enough for shorts, so I was thinking skinny jeans? But I'm hesitant 'cause it's an amusement park... Here's what I had in mind: http://www.polyvore.com/kennywood/set?id... Outfit 1: Woodstock tshirt, skinny jeans, orange flip flops Outfit 2: Long sleeve Abercrombie shirt, tan shorts, black flip flops I REALLY like the skinny jeans, 'cause I just bought them. Will I look like a weirdo wearing them to an amusement park though? Btw, I'm wearing my hair straight & light makeup. THANKS!
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Alia Alia | 6 days ago
I would go with the jeans because if it does get a little chilly or you get wet you will still be warm.Plus if the tan on your legs isn't ready yet,because it's still early in the season you won't look like a weirdo. Also watch how much makeup you wear,just in case you get wet.You don't want your makeup running or ruined.
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Tyron Tyron
Your going to Kennywood, I have not been there this year yet. You can wear your skinny jeans you won't look like a weirdo. I have seen a lot of people wear jeans including skinny jeans. One problem is if you go on a water ride, it sucks to walk around in wet jeans all day.
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Rigby Rigby
I like the 2nd outfit best, but people do wear skinny jeans to amusement parks, u wouldn't look weird.
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Merton Merton
nah you wont! i went AT the other day and wore skinnys! even if it is hot, people will still be wearing full length ! :D oh and if you wear flippys you will have to take them of on some big rides :D hehe i think the 1st outfit sounds good. you wont look like a freak! go for it XD have fun amusement parks rock! xo
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Jordie Jordie
I <33 the first one. How would you be a wierdo sweetie? I wear skinny jeans down here in texas and its 102 degrees on average (no joke check the weather).
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i think it makes them look ridiculous. and i can't help but feel bad for their sister..(if they have one) because she has to hide the fact that she is currently sharing her wardrobe with her brother.

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