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Wedding registry? Topic: Storage suitcase sets
July 18, 2019 / By Edwyna
Question: Okay, here's my list for our wedding gift registry. We are going to register in a week. Am I forgetting anything that might be important? Rice cooker Coffee maker (w/timer) Silverware Plates Glasses Pots and Pans set Knife set Nut crusher (always wanted one) caserole dishes cookie sheets crock pot tea kettle bath towels (are rugs and soap dispenser and shower curtian appropriate to register for?) Comforter, blanket, sheets, pillows, bedskirt 2 Living room lamps (I know some places have a set of 2) My mom says I shouldn't register for China because my fiance and I are only in grad school and tastes change so much, that by the time we have a house, we might have different tastes? Are these things appropriate? vacuum? (mine is on it's last leg) couch slip cover bathroom accessories (toothbrush holder, etc.) Kitchen utensils (hand mixer, spatchulas, etc.) Thanks everyone!
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Charlie Charlie | 4 days ago
Register for everything you think you'll need in your house. We even registered for energy saving lightbulbs, rubbermaid storage tubs, tape measure, tool set, croquet set, -horseshoes and bochi ball-those were our favorites presents that we got- What about suitcases, digital camera, video camera, camera photo printer, kitchen aid mixer, wine rack, chip clips, cheese grater Walk up and down the aisles with the little scanner gun, anything you know you will use, scan it. It's not like you're going to have to buy it if you don't receive it. But be weary, you may end up getting stuff that you sort of wanted and not get the stuff that you really wanted. I wish there was a ranking you could give the stuff as to which you wanted the most. and to answer your last question, YES! those are appropriate. Good luck & congratulations!!
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Charlie Originally Answered: Wedding Registry?
It is done all the time, but it is tacky, someone that is related to or a good friend of the bride should give registry information seperate from the invitations...and don't forget to write thank you cards!!

Ariel Ariel
Buckle up, honey, on account which you're in for an staggering variety of human beings telling you the way undesirable you're for even suggesting a marriage registry. for my section, as quickly as I supply somebody a recent i intend to make valuable it is a few thing they a)desire or b)can use. If what you truly want and desire is a honeymoon, i don't have a undertaking with it. i'm a believer that reports are consistently greater helpful than stuff besides. i've got fortuitously bought off of classic and honeymoon registries for friends. That being mentioned, once you're eighty 5 years old and function your toddlers, grandchildren and doubtless great grandchildren over on your homestead there is unquestionably some thing to be mentioned approximately having a vase or some thing interior the homestead you are able to say grew to become right into a marriage present. My grandparents surpassed directly to the finished beyond some years in the past and the few products they nevertheless had that have been wedding ceremony presents have been actual enjoyed by using something of my kin. i'm no longer asserting which you will desire to have a registry packed with pizza cutters or napkins or in spite of which you do no longer desire - yet some positive products which would be heirlooms isn't a bad theory. I basically variety of sense that, in 2011, it might desire to be time for human beings to unclench a splash and open their minds as to what's and is no longer 'suitable'. the international is a continuously changing place and that i do no longer likely comprehend why a number of those regulations won't be ready to alter with it a splash.
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Zebadiah Zebadiah
All of the items you mentioned are acceptable including the china. If you are worried about styles changing, then just pick a classic pattern that will work well with everything. We chose a classic pattern (simple metal band detail) for our registry and then discovered we are receiving an heirloom set in a complimentary pattern. All of the pieces will work well together if we use the older set, but it's a 70 year old set, so we will want to be extremely careful with it. Either way, it's cool to see that some things never go out of style. Best wishes!
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Sibbe Sibbe
I strongly disagree with your mother. china & sterling are very expensive and if you don't make an attempt to get started on it now you never will start - there's always something else to buy - if you start now you may have the motivation to finish the set as you go through life. if you're worried about getting something trendy there are tons of classic styles available online at places like michael c. fina. I'm also newly out of grad school and teaching on not too much money but I'm so glad I registered for china - why wouldn't you want something beautiful to remember your wedding forever? getting practical things is great for starting your life together but 10 years from now you're not going to think that rice cooker and those bath towels are special but everytime you sit down for thanksgiving and get to set a beautiful table, the years of collecting that china will seem meaningful and special. you have nothing but the practical on there - why not register for something special?
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Ofir Ofir
I would register for china now. A good china pattern is something lasting that both of you like. I don't think that classics like fine china will change. If anything your everyday plates are what changes with trends. Our china was around $100/setting-not something I would go run out and buy 12 of let alone everything that goes with it. I would also include your stemware and a different silver set for entertaining. Everything else looks fine. I would definitely register for a stand mixer -like a kitchen aid- I love mine and wouldn't be without one.
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Ofir Originally Answered: Are you super anxious to start getting your wedding registry items in the mail?
Geez, the nerve of some people. Just because you get excited when you start to recieve gifts from your registry, doesn't make you a greedy, self-centered, gift grabber. I'm sure you love your fiance. You don't need to write a novel on the 1,001 ways you love your man before asking a question like this. Most of us are mature enough not to have all of that info spelled out for us. Sheesh. Anyways I know what you mean. A lot of our stuff has decided to break recently because they are the cheapo, made in china versions of everything you buy when you're in college. I haven't even opened a registry yet, but we plan to do that this weekend. I can't wait, I'm anxious just to go register and I'll be super excited when I actually get them. Of course I'd be just as happy if nobody got us a single gift, but you can't help being excited to receive gifts. Edit: Oh, I'm registering at Belk and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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