I applied for a job and haven't heard back. Is it rude to call?

I applied for a job and haven't heard back. Is it rude to call? Topic: Express jobs application
June 25, 2019 / By Essence
Question: I applied for a job a week and 1/2 ago. I really want this job, should i call and ask for the staus of my application? what should i say? thank you for any help.
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Best Answers: I applied for a job and haven't heard back. Is it rude to call?

Clare Clare | 7 days ago
It's perfectly acceptable. If you're still worried, consider this: If it's not acceptable for that company to express interest in working there, then is that really the type of place you'd like to work? If it is acceptable, you have nothing to worry about. Either way, you can only win on this one. With my current job, they flew me out to seattle from New York, interviewed me, then I never heard back from them. I then called someone within the human resources department about a month and a half later and told them I really enjoyed the interview and was curious if I was still being considered for the position. The next day, I got a package that was overnighted, and apparently I was hired a couple days after the interview, but no one had completed all of the paperwork. So, anyways, just be nice, start out with "I really enjoyed having the chance to interview with ____, and I was curious if my application was still being processed?" Good Luck!
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Clare Originally Answered: I submitted my job application to Panda Express 3 days ago and haven't heard back. Should I call myself?
Call or go by in person. Tell the manager that you are interested in the position and wanted to know if they have made a decision yet. If the tells you that they have not you can ask when they might do it. Look him/her in the eye when talking. Talk in clear sentences. Don't mumble, dress neat with clean clothes and have your hair combed. Shake his/her hand with a firm grip but not bone breaking. Good luck.

Bashemath Bashemath
Call back and ask for whoever may have reviewed your application (like the manager). Say "Hi my name is blank and I submitted an application about a week ago. I was wondering if it didn't conflict with your schedule if we could set up an interview in the next couple of days". Whatever they say after that will definitely let you know if they want to hire you or not. Either interview yes or the positon has been filled. If they still drag you on, move on. There is always something better out there for you and better paying too.
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Adelice Adelice
I agree with tom t, That's how I got my current job, by calling back to check on my application. When I had submitted it they were not hiring, but when I called back things changed. It was a full time position for third shift supervisor. I know third shift is not the most desired, but I am able to work full time and go to school full time with ease. If I didn't let them know that I was interested in any shift available, they would not have called me back because of the fact that I did not specify a shift on the application. Now I am in college for my management and marketing associates degrees and looking forward to further my position in th company. None of that would've happened if I hadn't called them back!
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Teagan Teagan
no you should call, if you don't call its more of a chance that you won't get the job. just ask to speak to the hiring manager and see if they got your application. they will either say they are not hiring or they haven't looked at the application or set you up for an interview. you should def. call, but don' t call every day once or twice a week should do. and if u don't get the job just keep looking.
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Peyton Peyton
Just call in and say something along the lines of "Hi, I applied for (position name here) last week and I wish to know what the status of my application is" I know a few places will not call people in for interviews unless they call to ask because it shows the person is atually interested in the job.
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Lyle Lyle
By all means call. This shows them that you want the job,and you're still interested in the position. Don't call daily, but one a week or every other week would be fine. It also keeps your name in front of them. You can ask them if the position was filled, and are you still being considered. If the job was filled, ask them if there was anything you could have done to improve your chances of being hired?
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Lyle Originally Answered: I applied for a job but haven't heard anything yet. Is it okay to go to the store and talk to the manager?
You should have gone in after a week. Chances are they may have filled the position and didn't tell you. It's not their obligation. It doesn't hurt to go in though and ask them if they looked at your application. Next time don't wait so long to follow up. Show some enthusiasm because first impressions count a lot even if it's not in an interview setting.

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