Dog seizure? can anyone give me advice?

Dog seizure? can anyone give me advice? Topic: Tia case study
July 18, 2019 / By Tracie
Question: my puppy is 6 and a half months old, hes a very large breed dog, neapolitan mastiff. the other day he was playing with my boyfriend and when he heard me coming down the stairs he ran out to say hi, but as i got to the bottom step he sounded like he was coughing and then collapsed sideways onto the floor leaning against the door and looked almost like he was dead his eyes were still and his tongue was curled in his throat my dad had to pull his tongue out in case he choked on it, my puppy then lost function of his bladder and...all....an then my dad really thought he was dead an my other dog came running in from the garden an when my puppy saw him he leaped up and ran off like nothing had happened barking and playing in the garden!!!! what could this be i was So worried im going to take him to the vet but i would just like to know what to expect? does it sound like epilepsy??? thanks!
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Saffron Saffron | 5 days ago
Our OEM, Thor started having seizures at about age 3 shortly after after Donna came to live here in MI with me. At the time, I'd been using Sentinel on my Neos as well as my Yorkie. Used it for all my dogs, without problems. At least I thought so at the time..... However, since Thor came from Alberta, Canada where there is no need for heartworm preventative, and since the seizures started a month or so after being on the Sentinel, I believe it was that which caused the seizure activity in an otherwise healthy adult OEM. I am very convinced that the flea/tick component in the Sentinel is too toxic. I decided after my Neo, Tia and my Yorkie had petite mal seizures, that this was the culprit. I talked to many people in NeoRescue, USNMC and my vet about my suspicions. At that time, there were no clinical studies being done on Sentinel, but I belive there is more info out there now on side-effects. I switched all the dogs to Heartguard Plus and saw no more problems. Thor's seizure activity was much improved. Only the occasional episode. Make of it what you will. I learned the reasons for seizures are myriad, as others have told you. But I also have to assure you that it IS a problem that can be diagnosed and treated without exhorbinant expense. For us, my Vet recommended Vallium suppositories which we had made up at a compounding pharmacy. As soon as seizure activity started, I ran to the fridge and got the suppository and we inserted it as quickly as possible. Within a minute, he'd relax and the crisis was over. When he was able to get up again, he'd be incredibly thirsty (let him drink, but be sure he doesn't over-do it -- excessive amounts of water isn't a good thing, per my vet). He'd be confused and knew he'd urinated and seemed ashamed of soiling in the house. We started grabbing a towel and placing it to catch the urine whenever possible. They don't seem to realize where they are for a few minutes after the seizure and its my understanding that they probably have a pretty nasty headache. Try and keep the other dogs and kids away from him when he goes down; speak to him soothingly and by all means DO NOT go near his head! Many times, Thor would snap his jaws and that's just part of the seizure. Be careful. I also recommend keeping a diary of date, approximate length of time seizure lasted, what sort of activity was going on prior to the seizure, and any other clues you might have observed prior to its onset. Subtle things like staring off into space, not paying attention to your calling his name, licking at the air--- just signs of confusion, I guess you'd say. It will help your vet and you in particular, in the future to be more aware and able to react when you need to. There is a very good website: undergroundmastino.com I can recommend; or the USNMC website Neapolitan.org in order to talk directly with mastino owners and breeders as well as top Neo vets. If you'd like you can email me and I will provide you with some of my contacts in USNMC, if it would help. my email is: [email protected] I wish you and your little one all the best! Dale McDonald
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Nevaeh Nevaeh
This does sound like a seizure. First, a safety tip -- do not ever reach into or around the mouth of an animal in seizure. He could very easily bite you. He will not swallow their tongue. Just make sure that he is in an area where he cannot hurt himself. If necessary, remove items from around him but do not try to move him unless absolutely needed for his safety. Your vet will need to examine him and probably run some lab work to try to discover the cause of the seizures. Some dogs will have seizures as puppies and grow out of them. Some dogs have seizures for no known reason and never grow out of them. Either way, seizures are very treatable in dogs. They respond very well to several drugs. It might take a couple of tries to find the best drug match for your dog, but I would expect him to do very well in the long term. I have known many dogs with seizures and they have done well with the appropriate medical care and attention at home. (Note: I would definitely get him neutered as soon as he is healthy enough. This is not a trait you want to pass on to any puppies he might sire.)
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Lyda Lyda
You certainly love this puppy plenty. I might advocate you atleast take a look at the pheno routine in view that quite, it might upgrade her excellent of lifestyles vastly. I had an envisioned 12 yr ancient (might had been older) that had beautiful extreme seizures till we attempted it. Unfortunately we needed to placed her down nonetheless a yr later in view that she used to be going blind and had different disorders too. I additionally spotted, no longer certain if there may be so much of a correlation right here only a idea, that if we ever fed her any desk scraps shed have extra common seizures. We had her on a healthful vitamin that helped too, it used to be grain unfastened and we fed her boiled hen and white rice time to time to preserve weight on her. So my recommendation, get the remedy, supply it an ordeal and notice how she does. If you dont find it irresistible, do not supply it to her. But at this factor it doesnt harm to take a look at. And if her excellent of lifestyles nonetheless does not upgrade, please consider of ways she have got to be affliction. The vets regularly will pass over a excellent of lifestyles scale in order that you realize while it is for the nice. The manner I attempted to appear at it with my puppy like she have got to be depressing and I cannot stand to peer her like that when she had made me so completely satisfied. I might as a substitute recognize while it is time so I can say good-bye and alleviation her, as a substitute than coming residence and discovering that she suffered a gradual lonely painful loss of life. I wish you uncover a solution to support your puppy, I'm sorry she's so in poor health. I believe your affliction.
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Kayley Kayley
Sounds like a pretty classic grand mal seizure. Definitely need to talk to your vet about it and rule out various potential causes. If it happens again (in the near future), you will want to consider medicating him. A lot of the time seizures can be well controlled with fairly inexpensuve drugs.
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