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June 20, 2019 / By Heidi
Question: Still Hurting My soul is still dying, From all of my crying. I thought that I would now be happy, But it turns out that I was wrong. It seems like all I do is bad, And that nothing’s ever right. My brother always gets mad, Because I’m not perfect. To him I don’t do anything, And he acts like he hates me. This is sad I know, But sadly enough I think it’s true. I can’t do anything good enough, To even look ok in his eyes. Yes he’s my brother, But right now I don’t care. He doesn’t like me, So I’ve given up on trying. Then I’m accused, By my so called ‘friend.” That if any thing goes wrong, That I’m the one to blame. Even to her at times, I seem like a bad person. I have no where to turn, For everywhere I go there’s misunderstanding. I don’t know what I did wrong, Even though I really didn’t do anything. All I said was how I felt, And I didn’t know that was a crime. Now my heart is completely shattered, And it now feels like I don’t matter. <3another poem i wrote<3
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Dotty Dotty | 2 days ago
It's good to write poetry. It will help your feelings to get it out and not let things stay stuffed inside.
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