What branch of the military/MOS should I choose?

What branch of the military/MOS should I choose? Topic: Example of recommendations for a research
July 18, 2019 / By Austin
Question: To tell you a little about myself: I'm pretty smart, and I like working with intelligent, professional people. I'm a Boy Scout, and I really like being outdoors, doing outdoorsy things. I want to serve with people who, no offense, aren't "rednecks". I'm planning on enlisting in the military after high school, and going to college later. I really want a combat-oriented MOS, but I'm interested in a wide variety of combat roles (land, air, sea would be my order of preferences) I don't want a monotonous job. I want some variety. Here's the MOS's I had in mind: Army:11B Infantry, 19D Cavalry Scout (is this a bad idea?), 68W Combat Medic, 21B Combat Engineer Marines: 0311 Infantry, 0313 LAV Crewman, 1371 Combat Engineer Air Force: Pilot (I know, I'd go to college first), Crew Chief, Combat Controller, Pararescue even though it's a long shot Navy: Corpsman, SWCC, EOD Recommendations?
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Viola Viola | 8 days ago
Not being biased; but if you want some varieties, research into Navy EOD (doing boring inventory one day, go jump out of a perfectly good airplane the next, then get dropped into the water the day after, and go blow up a stockpile of ordnance (the best day)). However, naming yourself "Marine Mike," I think you may want to go with the USMC. As far as not serving with 'rednecks;' in the military, there will be all kinds of people from all walks of life. But you'd never know, you may learn a thing or two from those you so called 'rednecks.' For example: I now know that "if you can't duct (tape) it; then, f*ck it." And Navy EOD Techs tend to be more motivated than many others that I have met during my time. Motivation is pretty much one of the requirements in order for a tech. to get through Navy EOD Pipeline. Good luck in whatever you decide.
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Viola Originally Answered: What is the difference between the branch of US military?
My impression on the differences between the branches are that in the Marines you generally do not pick your job and it is usually picked out based on a person's skills. Also basic is more intense. With the Army, basic is similar to the Marine's and promotion is usually obtained by going in front of a board. I believe these are deployed more often. With the Navy you run the risk of being on a ship for months at a time which can be strenuous if one has a family. With the Air Force, they usually have better kept bases compared with all the other branches and for promotion it generally requires a written test. Not sure about anything with the national guard. Hope this helps.

Shanene Shanene
Well as far as branch, that depends on you. That's a whole other side question, and will take a lot of time. Just research, narrow it down, and make a decision. Army: Those MOS's are all pretty much alike, except for 68W. Be warned as a 68W there is a chance you will be put in a non-combat unit, so there's a chance it could be boring. If you're not interested in biology, medicine, and just want to shoot stuff stick with 11B, 19D, or 21B. Also look into 13F. 11B, 19D, and 13F are the main 3 kick-*** combat jobs in the Army. Marines: Same deal as Army, LAV crewman sounds interesting, but any would be cool. Air Force: Each one of those is a long shot for anyone. Look into TACP, still awesome, but not quite as hard to get into. Navy: Corpsman, would basically be a Marine. SWCC and EOD are both Special Operations, and would both also be very hard, just like AF PJ and CCT. I have looked into everything too. I know it's hard deciding. I chose the Army mainly because I wanna go Airborne, and be a Paratrooper. But you just got to choose something and go with it. You can always switch branches later if you want also. Good Luck
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Opal Opal
Look into 68W with an Option 40 in your contract. You'll be guaranteed a spot in the Army Ranger Indoctrination Program, which could lead to a spot in Ranger School and a posting in the 75th Ranger Regiment. You'll also get a $4,000 bonus for signing up with an Option 40 in your contract. That might be right up your alley. The medical branch in the Army usually requires higher ASVAB scores than Combat Arms branches (ie - infantry, armor, etc). In that sense, you would theoretically be working/training around more intelligent people than you might find in the combat arms branches (although there are a lot of very smart people who go into infantry and other combat related jobs). As a 68W, you would probably be side-by-side with the combat arms soldiers. There would be a real possibility for lots of excitement in your day-to-day duties, especially if you are assigned to the 75th.
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Magnolia Magnolia
91B when I started ( Combat Medic ) then 91W (Health Care Specialist) and now im not sure I got out in 04 but long story short do what you WANT, seriously it will all come done to what YOU like in lie so don't let the recruiter tell you or force you to accept something different.
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Kestrel Kestrel
go join the seals. or sf in army. And get ready to work with every type of individual everywhere you go.
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Kestrel Originally Answered: What branch of the military should i join?
Due respect to the CG, and I'm sure you have plenty respect for them in Alaska, but their benefits aren't that great. Benefits/bonuses are all about supply & demand. They Army needs people, so the benefits are better. The CG/Navy/AF/ANG don't so they aren't so good. There's more risk of deployment & longer possibly more dangerous deployments in the Army/marines though. There's pros/cons to everything. You have to do your research & make a balanced decision that's in your best interest. I'm in the national guard, and I'll tell you why I think that's the best choice for you.... 1) Bonus: You can get up to $20k lump sum ~60days after you complete job trng (AIT). That includes some nice support jobs, not just infantry & truck driver. 2) 100% tuition: Fed Govt covers 4500/yr, state of Alaska gives you the rest for free if you're going to a U of A system school. Other states vary (see link). http://usmilitary.about.com/od/guardandr... 3) College First (dif from active duty version): This makes you non-deployable for the first two-years of your contract. As long as you are a full-time student in fall/spr semesters. http://1800goguard.com/education/college... You have to sign up for six years with the guard to get those benefits. Anything less then that takes away most benefits & greatly reduces the few that are left. Now I understand you don't want to be away from your family or interrupt your education. You are going to have to spend some portion of your contract in a deployable status, but we can reduce how long that window is & push it well out into the future. First, you're a full-time student, so you can come in under the split-option. That means you'll do basic (9wks) Sum09, and AIT (job trng) Sum10. At min you can't be deployed till you finish that process, and that's two years from now. You'll be drilling for pay all during that time in a unit that gets you ready for training (RSP). Second, you can get college-first in your contract. I mentioned that above. That's two-years they can't deploy you as long as you are in school & it starts when you get back from AIT. So now we're talking four years out in the future, and only two years left on the end of your contract. That's as far out as I can go without adding time to your contract. You can try to game the system, but it doesn't tend to work out, and frankly no one knows what it's going to be like in 4-6 years. You'll be able to get your degree free of charge though, and make some decent money along the way. If you're interested, msg me & I'll try to help you though the process.

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