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June 16, 2019 / By Delmar
Question: Also,at the end can you please help me out with my bonus question ? Thank you so much! Let's get started! 1.) Favorite Month 2.)How do you make new friends? 3.) what do you like about fall 4.) Favorite Sport? 5.)Do you like Writing? 6.)Starbucks or Dunkin? 7.)Do you like Cats? 8.)Oatmeal or Pudding? 9.)What gives you Good Vibes? 10.)Are you a good singer? 11.)Are you a Nicki Minaj fan? 12.)Favorite color? BONUS QUESTION....giving away 10 points for this please I need some suggestions! ... I am writing a film for my library. It's a comedy. I take my work really seriously. This is my first time writing a serious film,directing,and filming a movie. It's for my library and im a teen who works in the teen theater department. I just have some questions for a first timer looking for only answers that's wise and real,advice,suggestions,etc.My first concern how can I build a set.I have no budget,no stage crew yet, ,I'm filming the majority of the film in this large meeting room with no windows.. How can I find actors and members and such in a small town where people aren't all into theater and acting,etc.?How can u edit with a small camera...For example, can I film let's say the "last scene" and make it first on screen? Also, it's a revenge movie that's funny,any funny revenge ideas that doesn't involve huge props...lol ...and then latley,just any overall advice for me and my film? Will I get in trouble for using logos and then posting the vid on the internet ?
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Bastian Bastian | 10 days ago
January-it's a start of a new year. I talk to people and find at least one thing that we share. Fall reminds me that the year is almost over, the leaves change color (which i like to see) and they fall. Then there comes Halloween, I like the costumes and the candy after that there's Thanksgiving, the best part for me, normally, is the food. (I never had a whole family reunion every thanksgiving like my boyfriend's family does. Lol, but it's ok) I like soccer and tennis but mostly tennis. "15 Love" I just love the way the game is made its great but I never had the chance to play, yet. I love writing, I mostly write/type stories. My first cafe place was Starbucks, so I'd have to go with that. I've always loved their frappuccinos. Even though I'm allergic to cats, I love them. Good vibes come to me when a place is welcoming and people are friendly but not excessively to where it's creepy. I could eat pudding all day. I try to sing my best, I'm still practicing, I know I'm not horrible but I'm no Amy Lee. I don't care for Nicki Minaj and her booty fetish, her music is not in my tastings. My favorite color(s) are between purple and robin's egg blue. I would say, you should look for optimistic people, be open minded to anyone, 'cause anyone could be helpful in making your production. You could use the world as your set, like a room in a house, a part of a restaurant, even outside. If your camera is recently made, you should be able to plug it up to a computer then upload it and find a good video editor (Adobe Premiere Pro CC). If you don;t know how this video editor works there are always tutorials that could help you. Also, you could pixelate anything you don't feel comfortable being viewed in your movie. Good luck with your film!
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Bastian Originally Answered: Will you do a quick survey?
1Where do you go to shop for clothes? ---- Anywhere there is a sale 2Do you buy your own groceries? ---- Yes 3Do you think people talk about you behind you're back? ---- I know some do 4When's the last time you had a sour gummy worm? ---- The other day 5Whats your favorite fruit? ---- A lemon 6If there was a fire, what would be the first thing you would grab? ---- Loved ones 7Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel? ---- No 8Have you ever tried to build something? ---- Yes 9Do you play with legos? ---- Yes its fun 10Do you play with barbies? ---- Occasionally with my daughter 11Who's your favorite Disney Princess? ---- Cinderella 12Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? ---- I am married 13Would you rather have blue skin or purple skin? ---- Purple 14Have you ever gotten a sunburn? ---- Yes in summer 15Have you eaten snow? ---- No I must try this 16Have you watched Star Wars, any of the six? ---- I have seen about 3 17Do you have a fuzzy pen? ---- No 18Do you fix your bed? ---- Yes 19What color are your bedsheets? ---- Dark 20Do you wear slippers? ---- I prefer socks 21What is the coolest lamp you own? ---- One that looks like it should be in a study 22What's your favorite flower? ---- Red roses 23Did you go or do you want to go to prom? ---- I only went to Junior prom 24What does your tissue box look like? ---- Pretty bad 25Did you ever open a lemonade stand? ---- No 26Were you or are you in ballet? ---- No 27Do you listen to classical music? ---- Sometimes 28What's the longest book you've read? ---- A biography 29What smiley best represents you? ---- The one that winks 30What do you do when you are stuck? ---- Listen to music, be with my thoughts 31Do you have a "wacky noodle"? ---- lol no 32Do you have your own pool? ---- No 33Do you have a website where you put your pictures on? ---- No I am shy 34Do you watch Spongebob? ---- Occasionaly 35What kind of car do you want? ---- Anything small 36Last food you ate? ---- Toast 37Last nice thing you did for someone ---- being supportive 38Do you make presents? ---- Used to not any more 39Do you make your own jewelry? ---- No 40How many questions are left in this survey? ---- lots! 41Are you in advanced classes? ---- No 42Do people consider you as smart? ---- They tell me this sometimes 43Do you collect anything? ---- Shells 44Do you collect a series of a certain book? ---- No 45What time is it? ---- 11:00 46Is your away message on? ---- No 47Do a lot of your friends have xanga? ---- No 48Do you have premium? ---- No 49Have you ever been to Jamaica? ---- No 50Do you make your own cards? ---- Yes 51Have you ever tried gluing your fingers together? ---- Only accidentally 52What was the stupidest thing you've done? ---- Dyed my hair red 53How many languages do you know? . ---- 2 54Can you skip stones? ---- Yes 55Where did you get this survey from? ---- From you silly! --------------- Today :: & What's the weather like? - Slightly windy and cool & What did you do? day is still young & Have you eaten breakfast yet? ---- Yes & What did you eat? ---- Toast & What do you see when you like out the window or door? ---- Greenery & Have you exercised? ---- Yes & What do you plan to do for the rest of the day or tomorrow? ---- Sort stuff out and write & When did you wake up? ---- 6:45am & Have you eaten lunch yet? ---- No & What did you eat? ---- Salad, bread and chicken & Have you gone out to eat and where? ---- Do this often, somewhere with exotic food is always a pleasure & Did you buy anything? ---- Yes & Has something changed drastically today? ---- Yes it has & Are you happy? ---- 80% happy & Did you sing aloud today? ---- No & Did you talk to a friend on the phone? ---- Yes & On AIM? --- No & In person? & Did you get mail? ---- Not today & What was it (junk, bills, personal letters)? & How many times have you gone to the bathroom so far? ---- 4 & Have you taken a nap? ---- No & How long have you been on the computer? ---- 1 hour & What are you listening to at the moment? ---- U2 Beautiful day & What is one thing that happened today that you will never forget? Yesterday a conversation, I will remember it forever & Is anyone in the room with you? ---- Yes & How many people are on your buddy list, if you're on it? ---- Few & Are you feeling lazy? ---- No & Are you feeling bored? ---- No & What have you accomplished today? ---- After this question I am going to submit something special and I hope it will become what I want, & Was there any questions th

Zilla Zilla
1. February 2. Talk to people 3. The leaves 4. I hate sports 5. Depends, but yes 6 .Dunkin 7. Yes 8. Oatmeal 9. Music 10. No 11. No 12. Black I don't know.
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Sheri Sheri
1.) Favorite Month - July. It's smack-dab in the middle of summer. 2.)How do you make new friends? - Don't ask a socially awkward person who to make friends. 3.) what do you like about fall - The leaves changing colours 4.) Favorite Sport? - Rugby 5.)Do you like Writing? - Yes! I'm writing a story right now. 6.)Starbucks or Dunkin? - Dunkin 7.)Do you like Cats? - YES. <3 8.)Oatmeal or Pudding? - Pudding. I don't like oatmeal anymore. 9.)What gives you Good Vibes? - Weeeeed...jk. Music. 10.)Are you a good singer? - I'm pretty decent. I used to be really good but I stopped practicing. 11.)Are you a Nicki Minaj fan? - I used to be, hence my username. But I haven't listened to her in a while and rap in general. I'm exploring other genres at the moment. 12.)Favorite color? - Pink.
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Peggy Peggy
How is this quick? 1. October. 2. Visit new places and talk to people. 3. Cooler weather. 4. Badminton, if that counts. 5. Yes, I have tons if journals. 6. Dunkin' Donuts 7. Yes. 8. Pudding. 9. Music, specifically Drake. 10. if I try. 11. She's ehhh. 12. Silver. BQ: I don't know
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Maris Maris
Octubre Fart on them and make them fall under my spell The wind is pretty cool and so is the temperature ya dig Soccer Si senor Dunkin Si senor Pudding Walking into a house that smells like straight up bud LOL Nah Silver
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Kristi Kristi
1) December 2)Twitter 3) The rain 4) Soccer 5)Yes 6)Starbucks 7)Yes 8)Pudding 9) Happiness 10) No 11) Yes 12)Yellow Idk sorry
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Kristi Originally Answered: Quick survey! Please help?
1. No, they only argue a little bit 2. No, they've been married for 50 years and are very happy 3. My home life was good when I was young and lived with my parents 4. It would have been up to them to divorce or not. I think it's best if couples try to improve what they have and learn to get along better. I am 47, been married 24 years, have children ages 16 and 19 and a step-daughter age 26 If I answer for us as parents: 1. No, we rarely fight 2. Our kids would be very upset if we divorced 3. Our home life would be horrible if we divorced. We have a happy home life now. 4. As parents and a married couple we have worked hard to get where we are. We learned to get along and to discuss instead of fight and yell. It took a lot or work, but we have a really great marriage now.

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