Is it bad for the laptop to keep it on 24/7?

Is it bad for the laptop to keep it on 24/7? Topic: Damage case song
July 18, 2019 / By Deonte
Question: I'm downloading some movies and songs ect and i usually do it at night. Meaning that my laptop stays on over night, then during the day im using it for school and work, ect. Is it bad for the laptop to be kept on on for such long periods of times? I know desktops are built to never be switched off - is it the same case with laptops? daniel
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Benett Benett | 3 days ago
No, laptops can overheat much more easily than desktops. As long as you can keep it cool, there won't be any issues -the only danger is overheating. If you notice it getting too hot, you can try getting a fan for it, the kind that just sit under it -that's usually enough to keep it cool. Of course, not all laptops are created equal -some can handle things better than others. Try looking around online to see if people have complained of heat damage to your particular model.
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Abbot Abbot
It's best to only keep the battery in when you're not connected to a power supply. There's nothing majorly wrong with leaving it in, but it does shorten the life of the battery in the long run. However, if you take leave your battery out for some time, recharge your battery every so often (once a fortnight or something).
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Shirlee Shirlee
I killed a heat synch by leaving my laptop on 24/7. But that laptop was from 2002. I don't think it's as dangerous now as it was on older models, but it's probably a good idea to at least put it in sleep mode every once in a while.
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Petra Petra
I've never had a problem. Though its a good thing to restart your computer after downloads are complete. I only turn my laptop off if I am going to be away from home for a couple days or if it starts to lag.
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Marlene Marlene
well yes and no, make sure your laptop in on a solid base ,and not on say a bed or on top of some cloth as the lap tops take air from benateh, and the one thing that might mess up if you use it for too long is the battery charger ,as they do get warm, that is if you use it for long periods everyday
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