I have an idea for a franchise pizza place. Does this sound like a place you'd go to? (more inside)?

I have an idea for a franchise pizza place. Does this sound like a place you'd go to? (more inside)? Topic: Price of a professional business plan
June 25, 2019 / By Catriona
Question: I have been more or less thinking about this for some time. I have been a professional chef and pastry chef for quite a few years now and have also ran a successful catering company for over a year and a half as well. The idea is pretty simple....Huge pieces of pizza over a foot long and 10 inches wide where you can put up to 4 of over 45 different toppings as well as fried bread sticks and a drink for about $5.99. The mozzarella, Ricotta and mascarpone cheese are actually made in the restaurant as well as the dough for the pizza and the sausage. I would also offer pasta bowls with house made sauce as well as subs, full pizzas and desserts like tiramisu and cannoli's. Ideally I would like to find a way to mass market this as a franchise and really begin to open them up all over major universities. Does this sound like a place you'd eat at? any ideas or changes? I appreciate everyone's comments. Here are just some of the things I felt I should explain a little bit more. Primarily, the profit margin is high on these pizzas. There are pizza places nearby that offer 2 1/2 foot pizzas (in diameter) cut into 20 pieces for 20 bucks. That same pizza I would be cutting into 10 and charging roughly 5 bucks a slice making that same pizza a profit of over 30 dollars more. Sides such as bread sticks and salad are considerably cheaper. Especially since the same dough for the pizzas will be used for the bread sticks. I am already in the stages of a business plan and I do believe that this can be marketable. I may wait a bit for the economy to pick up since it is hard times however college students tend to want something cheap and fast so the marketability is there. Finding a way to streamline the process to make it even cheaper is the primary challenge. Other ideas I thought of as well would be something like. choose 1 item off the meat section and 3 off the veggie section as kind of a way to deter customers from ordering say...quadruple steak or something and charge .99 cents for any additional option off the meat section. I think that alone would offset the cost and allow me to keep the price affordable and still make a good profit.
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Best Answers: I have an idea for a franchise pizza place. Does this sound like a place you'd go to? (more inside)?

Annelisa Annelisa | 4 days ago
Love, love, love the pizza idea and price. However, I would prefer a small salad instead of the bread sticks. It would make a heathier meal option. Also a marinara sauce to go with the bread sticks. Perhaps you could offer an option of breadsticks OR a small salad for that price. I think that you would have a hit especially around the Universities! (Personally, I would prefer the salad. However, my son (a college student) would prefer the bread stick option.) I would definately add some salad options to the menu, too. Good Luck......I hope that you are near Maryland. I would be one of your first customers!
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Wyatt Wyatt
You realize the money you'd be losing? That slice of pizza is like the size of a small pizza, or medium, at a normal place. At just $6 and 4 toppings you are talking about the slice of pizza being cheaper then most places, then you add the soda and bread sticks. If you don't lose money you will barely break even, then you have to pay for workers, rent, and utilities. In other words you aren't going to be successful when you charge so little. I'm sure you'll get plenty of people coming in, as long as the pizza is good, because it's a great deal for the customer.
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Shaw Shaw
I love your ideas! That 5.99 special sounds delightful. I like it. I really do. Just becareful of the economy right now. You don't want to go down before you can really get established. The desserts like tiramisu and cannolis sound yummy. The fact that you've been a Pastry Chef makes it all the better. Also, making your own cheeses i.e. mozzarella, ricotta and mascarpone.... WOW! That would be a treat as well. Yep, we'd come and eat at your establishment! Most probably, we would be regular customers!!! It appears you have all your bases covered. We wish you good luck.
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Niel Niel
I am going to be a college student this fall. I would LOVE to have a place like that to eat at. Sounds really good. I am wondering though how you would be able to cook a pizza that large. Would you be able to get it all the way done? How would you get the middle to cook before the edges burnt? How cost economical is it to physically make your cheeses and sausages in the store? To me that sounds like it would have a really hard time cash-flowing as making those kinds of cheeses take HOURS not to mention the time needed to age, and sausages aren't necessarily the easiest things to make either. Maybe you have thought all that through, but it seems a little bit unrealistic. If you can figure that out it sounds like you have an amazing idea!
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Kole Kole
It sounds great to me! However, would you be able to turn enough of a profit selling that big of a meal for such a cheap price? I think if you are making the ingredients in house that will certainly give you a leg up in the industry, cause who doesn't like the freshest ingredients! I would certainly pick your place over a pizza hut or a papa johns! I say go for it, but maybe just think of bumping that price up a bit! :)
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