How do wannabe actors, singers or bands cope when.?

How do wannabe actors, singers or bands cope when.? Topic: Case singer
June 25, 2019 / By Kalisha
Question: How do wannabe-trying to be actors, singers or bands cope with the feeling of seeing someone around their age already doing all the things they want to be doing? In the case of the actors, filming movies. The singers, on MTV and performing on TV. For the bands, going on tour. I know some people might say, "Take comfort in the fact that you are trying and working towards something." Is that really the best way to deal with it? Not focus on them at all? Are there any better ways to comfort this feeling of, "They made it and I didn't" that comes upon me when I see them etc?
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Hadley Hadley | 8 days ago
a lot of these performers were acting, singing and dancing most of their lives spending countless hours to gain what they presently have, others performers like yourself are still fine tuning their skills waiting for their time to take to the stage, when the right opportunity comes along you'll be ready, you still have time. those who really really want it cope by never giving up on themselves and you shouldn't give up on your dreams either. good luck.
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Dlila Dlila
if you have talent you need to practise and practise until you are discovered. if you dont have the talent you must be adult enough to face it and walk away and try some thing else and take comfort in the fact that some of these so called stars i wouldnt pay to cross the room to even see them free iam a professional vocalist and have been doing it for 42 years and have seen them come and go
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