How do I cite this source (MLA)?

How do I cite this source (MLA)? Topic: Mla bibliography article
July 17, 2019 / By Abell
Question: Kate: all the information as in the whole book/all the pages or information relating to the article like date, publisher, etc? I'm using an article of an interview. It already has a feature to make a bibliography format but the medium says its Web. If it's an online scan of the original article, wouldn't it be print?
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Best Answers: How do I cite this source (MLA)?

Shulamit Shulamit | 10 days ago
It should be print, but you'll have to do web if you don't have all the information. If you have all the info, go for print.
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Shulamit Originally Answered: How do you cite a source that cites a source?
If your source is quoting another source, then you can write for example: Murray said “design can be improved to increase height” (qtd in Jesrani 34) You can learn more about these rules at http://cdn.easybib.com/media/guides/easybib-mla7-parenthetical-guide.pdf Also try using EasyBib.com to properly cite your sources, and then format them in Word
Shulamit Originally Answered: How do you cite a source that cites a source?
Ideally you would cite the original document since it appears to be a quote directly from that document. But if you cannot fins that original document then I would use that and only cite the document that you used. When check the teacher can see that it was cited from something else and if questioned just explain the inability to find the original source document to get a direct quote or information from.

Phebe Phebe
Use SonofCitationMachine. It's a website that put's things in MLA for you, you just put in any info you know.
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Marlyn Marlyn
go to easybib.com it does it for you (:if it's from a website just copy and paste the url and it does everything else
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Marlyn Originally Answered: How to cite a source within a source - MLA?
what i'd do is site the map and book separately. but thats me. thats what i did on my last research paper, but i dont know what i got on it.

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