What is surname?

What is surname? Topic: Words to use in application letter
June 16, 2019 / By Baxter
Question: I have to fill out an application in which has the word "Surname". This is a first time I see this one (I'm a non-native speaker). Please help me. *** Don't make any comment if you don't want to help ***
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Zillah Zillah | 3 days ago
A Family name, surname or last name, is the part of a person's name that indicates to what family he or she belongs. The use of family names is not universal throughout history. In parts of the world, they did not appear in common use until the 17th to 19th centuries, and in some cultures they are not used today. In many cultures of Asia, as well as in Hungary, the family name is typically spoken or written first when referring to an individual (see eastern order), while in most Western cultures, the family name is last, giving rise to the term last name for family name. The word surname is name prefixed by the French word sur (meaning "on"), which derives from Latin super ("over" or "above"), meaning "additional name." As early as the 14th century it was also found spelled as sirname or sirename (suggesting that it meant "man's name" or "father's name") due to folk etymology. The use of family names varies among cultures. In particular, Icelanders, Tibetans, Burmese, and Javanese often do not use a family name — well-known people lacking a family name include U Thant (Burmese), Suharto and Sukarno (see Indonesian names). Also, many royal families do not use family names. In some cultures, a woman's family name traditionally changes upon marriage, although few countries mandate such a change. Other modern options include combining both family names, changing neither name, or creating a new name, e.g. combining letters of previous surnames or creating a pseudonym unrelated to the previous surnames. In the 19th century, Francis Galton published a statistical study of the extinction of family names. (See Galton-Watson process for an account of some of the mathematics.) In English-, Dutch-, German-, French- and Scandinavian-speaking countries, people often have two or more given names, and the family name goes at the end. (Occasionally a surname is called the "second name", which can be confused with a middle name.) In Spain, people have one or more given names and two family names, one from the father and one from the mother. In Italy, people may have one or more given names, no middle name, and a family name
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Zillah Originally Answered: Help with my surname please?
a quick search led to these results, no idea if this will be helpful or if you already have all of this - On Ancestry.com I was able to find information from the US 1920 Census that listed 4 persons with the surname Stigney within the US, all living in Mason, Kentucky, dates of birth 1860 (1) and 1890s (3). On WorldVitalRecords I found records relevent for a soldier with the last name Stigney active in the state of Illinois during the Black Hawk War (1831-1832) and the Mexican War (1846-8), further records for Stigneys in Kentucky (with 3 death records, presumably 3 of the 4 listed on ancestry.com, and a further link in Dodge County, Minnesota, town of Kasson. There was also one Stigney listed in Ontario, Canada in the 1871 Census. As to a clue about origins, there is a listing relevent to surname Stigney titled, "Pioneer Irish of Onondaga (about 1776-1847). Onondaga is in Upstate New York, the Irish were one of the most prominent groups to settle this region in the late 18th and early 20th century, especially with the work that accompanied the digging of the Erie Canal. So I would look to Ireland for any Stigneys and wherever they're primarily found could provide clues to the surname origin. The last site I searched was familysearch.org, that revealed 34 Stigneys, 3 in the 1880 US Census (one in Iowa , two in Ohio . 13 Stigneys resided in Canada in the 1881 Census (all residing in Ontario and born in Ontario beginning in 1820, save for two, one who was born in Quebec, the other in Ireland in 1826). There is an International Genealogical Index for North America that lists 9 Stigneys circa 1860s-1880 in Michigan, Iowa, Ohio and Minnesota. The Soc. Security Death Index has much more recent listings of people who may be known family members to you, with death certificates from the 1970s through the last listing in 2006. Perhaps the most useful clue for you is a Mary Stigney who married in Sculcoates, Yorkshire (England) on 8 January, 1682. The spelling is a match so you can almost certainly rule out that it's an American (mis)spelling but an older English or (more likely) Irish name. Any relation to Stigny in France? Maybe, this could also just be coincidental. If there is a link, it would have to be before 1682, so you've got a lot of digging to do. Good luck to you with it. It is definetely a European name, either English or Irish based on the Census data and marriage licenses.

Sherie Sherie
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/UZbj9 ok you really need to listen to this advice...... I had a baby at 19, thought the guy way great so why wouldn't i give my baby his last name. little did i know after i split with him he tried taking me to court to get custody of my child. if his name is on the birth certificate and it has his surname he has equal rights and can apply for full/joint custody at any time if its just you on the birth certificate/ your name you can still change it to his surname a couple of years down the line when you know its gonna last ect
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Pen Pen
This Site Might Help You. RE: what is surname ? I have to fill out an application in which has the word "Surname". This is a first time I see this one (I'm a non-native speaker). Please help me. *** Don't make any comment if you don't want to help ***
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Marisa Marisa
family name, cognomen, last name the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member's given name)
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Kristia Kristia
Your surname is simply your "family name": Example: I'm John Slattery so my surmane is Slattery (my "given name" is John.)
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Kristia Originally Answered: What is a pretty surname?
I don't know if you're aware of this but sangria is a kind of alcoholic drink. Sangria Winter Balladares Sangria Winter Bellamy Sangria Winter Bellerose Sangria Winter Bellino Sangria Winter Chambers Sangria Winter Marsol Sangria Winter Medrano Sangria Winter Minjarez Sangria Winter Monarez Sangria Winter Novela Sangria Winter Outland Sangria Winter Sandoz Sangria Winter Soriano Sangria Winter Tabares Sangria Winter Lavine Sangria Heather North Sangria Juliet North Sangria Juniper North Sangria Margot North Sangria Merit North Sangria Valencia North Sangria Violet North It would help to know where she's from. I put a lot of Spanish names because Sangria is Spanish. Edit: It is a shade of red. It was named after the drink. :) Some other ideas: Althea - Greek mythology name. Here is the story http://www.behindthename.com/name/althea I think it has a lot to do with the whole fire / guilt theme. Hestia / Vesta - means "hearth" in Greek Also, I don't know if Winter (and a lot of the ones I suggested before) fits a 600 year old vampire, since it's a relatively modern name. But hey, it's your story. Do what feels right.

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