Freedom in Islamic countries?

Freedom in Islamic countries? Topic: Antithesis sentences examples
June 25, 2019 / By Elishua
Question: Don't people realize that the liberties they cherish so much, like continually insulting their own country and it's predominant religion, are ILLEGAL in muslim countries? From the news today: "ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (Reuters) - An Alexandria court convicted an Egyptian blogger on Thursday for insulting both Islam and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and sentenced him to four years in jail over his writings on the Internet." How can you read that and still think that somehow there is moral equivalence between the USA, where you have the freedom to insult your president and any religion you choose, and countries where that thing can get you sentenced to 4 years in a prison where you have no rights at all. Under Sharia law, women are property. If they are raped, they can be killed for bringing dishonor on the family. That religion is the antithesis of everything Americans claim to love. Why do people continue to give it respect? There's some good sentiments in the posts. I'm all for reducing our dependence on oil and letting other people run their own countries, for example. I'm just making the point that we have to be willing to say that there is such a thing as right and wrong. The freedoms that we recognize in our founding documents as being endowed in mankind by the Creator, are illegal in other countries. I'm not saying we have to impose a democracy on the rest of the planet, but I am saying that we shouldn't be ashamed to say that America and its form of government and economics is better than some ( if not all ) other systems.
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Chester Chester | 10 days ago
So why don't we leave them alone to do their thing? Why must we butt into their business? They don't like or want democracy. The whole reason we are there or even have an iota of anything to do with them is O I L. The quicker we rid ourselves and help our allies to rid themselves of Arab oil the better it will be for all of us. The Arabs can live in the 14th Century as they want and the rest of the world can move on through the 21st Century. Urge your legislators to support incentives or whatever it will take to get alternative sources of energy in use as soon as possible if not sooner.
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Chester Originally Answered: Why do so many american have a flawed perception of women in arab and Islamic countries?
Let's entertain your theory that the media is controlled by Jews, its been my experience that Jews particularly the orthodox "Zionists" you're referring to view their women the same way most Muslims do. After all Islam and Judaism both come from the same Misogynistic Abrahamic background. And well most people in the R&S section know my view of the man known as Abraham, if he even existed. So why would, a culture whom views women the same way as Arab and Islamic cultures try and make others think that is was wrong? Because wouldn't that hurt them in the long run once they try to "rule the world" Just because a woman is not submissive to her husband or male family member does not mean she lacks any amount of respect for them. I am not "submissive" to my father but I respect, value, and love him with all my heart. I would gladly and with out hesitation take a bullet for him. I listen to his words, his thought, his feelings and his suggestions, and take it all into consideration especially when he's thinking in my best interest. Many times I do listen and act upon his suggestions and critiques. But sometimes I don't because I am my own person, I am not owned by anyone, and sometimes what I want, what I do, what I've considered, is what I feel is best for me. Do not assume that submission = respect. It doesn't not in the least.

Alysdare Alysdare
Because there are moderates in every religion. You're only getting one view of these kinds of issues. My entire family is Muslim, and no one treats women like property, in fact, women in our family and in our neighbourhood rule the entire social structure. Killing a woman for dishonouring her family is not an ISLAMIC value. It's an Arab value if anything, but don't blame it on Islam. Just because you hear about it doesn't mean the majority approves of it. Governments all over the world try to silence their opponents. Even in AMERICA.
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Tiara Tiara
Why are Islamic international places so useless-set adverse to freedom of speech? pass and purchase a Cosmo interior the UAE and also you may see that about 0.5 of it will be censored out. similar with television, no longer some thing "un-Islamic" is authorized to be broadcast. Does Islam strike you as being a faith of idea-administration?
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Rosie Rosie
Why are so you worried about other religions? Should you, me and everyone else be more worried about our own land rather than what is happening in Egypt. And if someone chooses to become Islamic, then that is their right, same with anyone else who has chosen Catholic, Pentecost, Mormon, Buddhist, etc.
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Myrtle Myrtle
Under current U.S law, a woman can legally kill a baby and hid it under the context of "freedom of choice". What makes us so much more civlized?
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Lorelle Lorelle
Its called the Golden Rule. I wouldn't want a bunch of Muslim fanatics coming over to our country and telling us how run OUR business.
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Kat Kat
the liberals do not care about that. For the reason that it fits in there plan for the USA. They do not want you to have any freedom other than that they choose to give you.
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Kat Originally Answered: Constituional issues: If you have, freedom of the press and you have freedom to a free public education, then?
Because freedom of the press refers to a prohibition the government has from telling private citizens and companies what they can print. You're kind of vague on this, so I'll have to guess what you're talking about. A school can censor something in, say, a school paper, because it's their property. In that circumstance, it's an editorial decision made by agents of the publishers, and not government interference. It's important to understand that freedom of speech is not a guarantee to be heard. Or, as the famous saying goes: "Freedom of the press belongs to those that own one."

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