Starting high school soon?

Starting high school soon? Topic: Homework tips high school
June 16, 2019 / By Kenaz
Question: So, I'm gonna be a freshman in a little over 2 weeks, and I just wanna get some advice from you :) I didn't have the best study and homework habits in 8th grade, so are there any ways to improve that? I'm also really shy around people I don't know and I'm worried I'm not gonna have many friends in my classes. Any advice for that? I have a couple more questions like: What's the work load like? Do you have any organizational tips? And, what generally happens at freshman orientation? Sorry, I know that's a lot of questions, I'm a little nervous...Thanks in advance!
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Hiel Hiel | 10 days ago
High school is a great experience! So don't be nervous if none of your friends are in your class, that just means you'll get to make new friends. So my advice for that is to just be yourself and start conversations with people, everyone will be nervous and glad that someone will talk to them. For homework and studying habits-just know that high school work will be a lot different from middle school, but is totally manageable. Just get together with friends when it comes to studying and teachers will always be there to help you out with studying, etc. The work load for most classes is pretty simple, some classes you'll have to work a bit harder. For organization tips, I usually color code each class, for example: math-blue binder, blue notebook, blue folder for homework. English-yellow notebook, yellow binder, yellow folder. etc. So pretty much color code each subject and get an agenda/planner and write down everything in it! When the test it, what sections to study, homework, just anything that is school related and important. Freshman orientation- you will most likely receive your schedule, get your ID card, get your books, find where your classes are, get your locker, pretty much just getting your essentials. Good luck in high school, it'll be great, don't stress!
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Hiel Originally Answered: I am scared of starting High School, how will i survive?
Trust me, highschool aint that much different from middle school. I was a lil freaked about my first day, it always seemed so big and i was like how am i gonna find any of my classes but after like 3 weeks the school seems so little and I know my way around. And a week later you will be saying to yourself how was i scared of coming here? And as as the schoolwork/homework, as long as your there everday and at least try to do the work, you will pass. And even if you dont fully understand the homework just guess because a lot of teachers just give you credit if you have it done. Well, I hope I helped[:

Elpalet Elpalet
I'm a very bad procrastinator. So, in order to keep me from putting things off, I set a reminder on my phone to go off at some point in the day that tells me to do my homework right that second (make sure to set it for a time where you know you'll be at home, not doing anything.) About making friends, you will. It just happens. It depends on the classes you signed up for, but freshman year workload isn't that bad at all. Maybe just a step up from 8th grade, if that. I hate binders. I use folders to organize my different classwork. I put homework on the left side, and completed work on the right, so that I know exactly where to look for things that I need to do. I also write down assignments in a planner, because if I don't write them down, I will forget. Freshman orientation is literally the stupidest thing to ever happen to America. Just get out of their with all of your brain cells in tact and laugh about it later. At my freshman orientation, one of our counselors burned a dollar bill to scare us into not slacking off these four years. What a waste of a speech...and a dollar.
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Clancy Clancy
Hey ima be a freshman next thursday it I asked this exact same question and they say (my yahoo people) that its that serious but just stay focused. Its not like what you see in the movies. Good luck ;). Btw do ALOT of activities cause it looks good on a college app.
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Amlodi Amlodi
Absolutely no need to be nervous. Focus on your work. Do your homework. Don't be lazy. Don't procrastinate.......And you'll be fine:)
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