What is it with my in-laws? They have Fox News on All The Time?

What is it with my in-laws? They have Fox News on All The Time? Topic: Best case scenario defined
July 19, 2019 / By Shan
Question: Any time I go to their house, they have Fox News on the TV. It's on but it's muted. They aren't watching it... just going about their day.. and there is FN. Morning, noon or evening. We'll got there for dinner... they aren't even watching it when we get there but it is on. All through dinner, in the other room, it's on. Is there some kind of conventional "Fox News" wisdom that says they need to keep in on JUST IN CASE something happens so that they get the news from FN, because it's the only reliable source... can't trust CNN? But why the heck is it on ALL THE TIME??? What sort of announcement could they be waiting for? Nuclear attack? Zombie apocalypse? The second coming? Or do they think that Fox will get better ratings because the have it on? Like maybe they think the cable company is monitoring the fact that they have their TV on Fox? I just don't get it?1?!?!?
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Onndria Onndria | 8 days ago
Please prepare yourself because this news is quite disturbing, your in laws may not be human beings anymore, at least not in the way that we traditionally define being a human. I know it is difficult to accept especially for your spouse, however, it is a proven fact that once one watches the Glenn Beck show more than 6 times the human brain transforms itself by shrinking to almost half its previous weight and volume. We are not sure why this happens as of yet, it may be some kind of alien conspiracy or possibly it is because being subjected to such concentrated buffoonery and douchebagery the brain has no choice but to shrink or explode. Common signs are "the bobble head effect" the brains are so small they enjoy bobbling their heads to feel it bouncing around. Also there is the "Everything is Socialism" scenario. This is when they have this strange overwhelming need to connect everything around them to the evil Socialism that, they insist, is ruining the country. Then there is the inability to spell syndrome. They appear to receive strange pleasure from mixing up words like there and their whether and weather and a multitude of other words. There also appears to be a connection between capitalizing letters and sexual arousal, however, this hasn't been proven yet but we are well on the way to doing so. Of course we couldn't leave out the "overwhelming irrational fear/hatred of our President" scenario where, for some unknown reason, they insist President Obama is from Kenya and that is actually a secret Muslim despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We think this may be the work of some secret Rupert Murdoch technology. That would explain why the zombified buffoons or "zomfoons" as we like to call them have the overwhelming need to leave the station on all day and night. I would get as far away as possible from the infected area because there is no known cure as of yet and could you actually imagine becoming like that forever? Me neither, I would rather not exist at all.
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Magdalen Magdalen
I'll be honest. I don't know. I have someone in my family that does the same thing. (Thank Goodness not in the same house) Have you noticed that when they have the Tv on Fox News and it is muted it is a creepy feeling. It must be like you said, they are waiting for The End Of The World and have it on. Maybe they think that even if it is muted they can still tell by facial expressions if The End is coming. Its beginning to look like a conspiracy now that I know there are other people doing this.
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Kerry Kerry
They probably mute the TV because you're there. They know you're a snide whiner, and they wish the child had picked a better spouse, but they tolerate you. As soon as you leave, they turn up the sound so they aren't tempted to talk about you. And you don't get it.
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Jade Jade
I would avoid talking about politics with them. And maybe try meeting them in a neutral setting. Go to a ball game with them, or somewhere where Fox won't be on. If you are at their house maybe you could watch a movie, or listen to some music.
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Emerald Emerald
I don't agree with my brother, Ray, but this is what he says: "People who listen to Fox News are evil, snake blood drinking, genetically engineered space aliens sent to Earth to rule over Earth and eat human beings and drink human blood." Does this sound like anything your in-laws do?
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Christy Christy
More to be pitied than scolded methinks.Sounds like they're fully paid up on their brain washed diplomas.
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