What is this short story?

What is this short story? Topic: A cold case story
July 18, 2019 / By Edythe
Question: So it's about a guy who has a red scarf. He's a student and he's gone away near the seaside for the weekend with some friends. It's late at night and he's lost. After a while he sees an old wooden ship and an old man comes out and offers him a bed for the night. He accepts and goes to sleep on the old man's boat. The old man is really creepy and serves him cold soup and the ship is really dirty and stuff. Anyway, the student goes to sleep, hanging his red scarf on the bedroom door before hand, but is woken up in the middle of the night by a weird metallic sound. He goes to investigate and sees through the kitchen door, which has been left ajar, the old man is sharpening a long bread knife. The student goes back to bed. A couple of hours later he is woken again, but the sound of the knife being sharped has stopped. He hears footsteps, so he goes to the bedroom door and looks through the keyhole. He sees the old man walking towards his bedroom, wielding the bread knife. So the student panics and climbs out the window and swims to shore, before making his way back to his hotel room. The next morning he tells his friend what happened and they go to the police. When he explains to the policeman what happened, the policeman says that it sounds very similar to an infamous case around 100 years ago when a young man got lost in the middle of the night, to be offered a bed on the ship of an old man who killed him in his sleep with a bread knife. They go back to where the student thinks he got lost the previous night, but all they find is an old shipwreck. The student goes on board and he Recognises the interior, only it's clearly been uninhabited for years. He goes into the room where he was sleeping and he looks around. Just before he turns to leave he sees his red scarf hanging on the bedroom door. I need to know who wrote this and what it's called. It's possible that there is no known author but I'd like to know that too. If you think you've heard the story before please say. Yeah it might be an old urban legend, that's what I was thinking. I read it in a book years ago. I hope it is to be honest.
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Originally Answered: Got a great idea for a short story, but it's too short. any ideas on how to 'beef it up' a bit?
Try making an outline of all of the major events of the story, narrowing down the most important ones and then expanding from there. This will also be a really good exercise for writing your own novel!
Originally Answered: Got a great idea for a short story, but it's too short. any ideas on how to 'beef it up' a bit?
"It's about a girl who becomes a cat and has to deal with the trials of being a cat, and in the end she decides she wants to stay a cat." You just wrote it as a short story, a very short story. How well you want to develop that is your choice, but I expect you can have a complete and satisfying short story in a couple pages. A novel is often rambling, but a short story has to be tight. It's good exercise to write short stories to keep your writing concise.

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