The family of the woman I loved are stalking me?

The family of the woman I loved are stalking me? Topic: Name tag california
June 16, 2019 / By Peony
Question: it seems the family of my first love are stalking me on the internet. Yesterday a question got deleted, which is clearly harassment from these people. Can the police talk to them and make them stop stalking me on the internet? Here is the question they deleted and dont want you to see: "On my facebook account i have recounted my first sexual experience with Therese. Not certain I can use her full name on here, but on facebook I have her tagged in some of my photos. She died of a drug overdose 3 years ago, and they buried her in a cemetary in New Jersey. I think she should be buried in Georgia, so Ive started an online petition to get her grave moved to Georgia. She should be in Georgia where she grew up. The only reason for her being in New Jersey is because her parents moved back up there. Historically she belongs in Georgian soil. I myself live in California at the moment. Anyhow, her relatives are harassing me because they for some reason disagree with me that her grave should be where she grew up in Georgia. Also i have recounted my first sexual exoperience with her which explains why Therese is very important in my life. After we went to the cinema one night in 1989 we went up to her apartment. I took off her clothes. Her breasts were sort of big, but I like that. I started eating her out and then moved to having sex in a lot of positions. She was a screamer. One of her big turn ons was that she enjoyed to swallow. Her relatives are really annoying me, is it possible to get restraining orders against them so they will stop harassing me? How can I legally make it stop?"
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Marjory Marjory | 2 days ago
First of all I commend you for the love you have of your first love and the way you feel she should be laid to rest in the soil where she once came. Not much people have that same passion as you. :) Secondly with the harassment you are receiving from her family is very predatory and fits in the catagory of online bullying. But what has me very purturbed, is the fact that they has such close acceess to your facebook page. You have to think of how they know yor password, or if they are hacking into your account. Better yet change your account passwork altogether. Thirdly you can go to the police with this matter, or call them, explain your situation, and see what they say. It will take a lot of time and effort to get someone to listen to you,but what you need to do in the meantime is everytime they harrass you online always print whatever they say(meaning the whole page so it won't look like a cut and paste sort of thing) out keep it on file, as well as keep them on a memory stick. Finially I know you have a deep love for you passed first love, and want to share her memories which you friends and family on facebook, but my dear I think you went a bit far with the very explicit details of your first love making. That is one of the reasons why you are being harrassed, and is adding more fuel to their fire against you. Now I deffenately do not condon their behaviour, but my dear if we both were dating each other I WOULD NOT( not yelling) want that plastered on any public media for all eyes to see. If you feel my comments/advise is of any help or feel anyway negative towards them please feel free to voice your concern.
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Krystelle Krystelle
yea first of all dont tell second of all it is disguting to tell others bout who did you have sex with no one wants to knoe and if it was her wish to burried in goergia then tell her family also her fam may be stalking you because they might think or would wantto knoe if you ganna talk bout ur sex like with her and third of all y didnt u stop her from taking drugs
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Jeannie Jeannie
First of all, don't tell Yahoo Answers what you two did. 2nd, I don't believe that you can make it stop 'legally' unless they actually threaten you in a way that that has you in fear.
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