Do you think 07/07/07 will be a lucky day?

Do you think 07/07/07 will be a lucky day? Topic: Most popular newspaper articles
June 25, 2019 / By Carla
Question: Believing the triple appearance of the number 7 will bring luck, many people are planning important events for 07/07/07.
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Best Answers: Do you think 07/07/07 will be a lucky day?

Andrea Andrea | 7 days ago
Is there any special significance to 07/07/2007 (aka 07/07/07 or 777)? Well it is the date the author J.K. Rowling has chosen to Release her seventh and last Harry Potter novel. Rowling is pretty Witchy (despite her claims to not being pagan at all) so maybe There is something to it. July 7, 2007is also the lucky wedding Datethat Eva Longoria chose to get hitched to her partner Tony Parker. This year's "triple" lucky 777 is considered to be a little luckier Then last year's 666 (which of course was supposed to signify the End of the world as it was interpreted by many as being the "mark Of the devil.)". The number 7 is much more holy and has held a Special significance at least from the time of the ancient Babylonians, who revered the seven sacred planets. 7 is a crucial numeral in the Bible, as in the seven days of the Creation to the seven petitions of the Lord's Prayer. In the Hebrew, seven is seen as a number that means fullness or Completion. This is because "God rested on the seventh day." Seven Is also a number that represents the Holy Spirit. 777 is also Symbolic the Holy Trinity - the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. No Wonder this date is so popular for Christians who want to get Married this year. July 7, 2007 really is one of the most sought after wedding dates In recent history and if you are reading this, then you may already To late too book a space for a ceremony. Wedding planners all over The world are seeing an increase in weddings on this day and there Have been many articles in the newspapers about it. As triple lucky 7s are associated with winning the jackpot on a Slot machine, wedding planners are also seeing an increase of Bookings for Little White Chapel style wedding in Los Vegas and big Bashes in places like Niagara Falls and Atlantic City. The Significance of the three digits adding up to 21 are also not lost To engaged couples who are fans of Blackjack. According to the Travel site Vegas.com its hotel reservations for the weekend Starting on Friday, July 6, are about six times greater than the Previous weekend. However, just because this date is popular or adds up to 21 (but Not really) does not mean it is lucky or possible. The demand for This date is creating a greater price for all types of services From the caterers to the venues to the florists to tux rental. So If you are looking for a frugal wedding date, 07/07/07 is not it. Overbooked wedding reception halls aside, is this date really so Lucky for everyone? First of all it is important to consider that 07/07/2007 is not Really a "7" nor is it a day that adds up to "Lucky 21." However if you look at the date in terms of its Universal Year Number it is not that lucky. 2007 numerologically adds up to a Nine, which is more of a year about endings or radical spiritual Transformations (which can be painful as they require big changes In lifestyle.) If you are 9 you might want to take this into Consideration. Love & Blessings Milly
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Westley Westley
I think it would be a good day. It would be nice if it turned out to be a day with good luck as well. I do believe it will be a day of clearance. LOL, not in the store neither. Clearance with some things in my life. hehe
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Sammy Sammy
good luck as in the 7 deadly sins and 7 years of bad luck from breaking a mirror? or good luck as in the 7 rings of hell?
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Naftali Naftali
some people believe its the day that christ might come..but i think it will be lucky or maybe the opposite
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