Help with the Kean University essay?

Help with the Kean University essay? Topic: Harvard admission essays that worked
June 19, 2019 / By Jaydon
Question: I am looking to apply at Kean University for Film and I need to do an essay as part of the admissions process. I am unable to find information that really helps me figure out what I have to write about. Does anyone know what the word count requirement is? And also, if you know what I should write about that would be really helpful! Thanks.
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Evelyn Evelyn | 8 days ago
First, relax. This is easy. I am not kidding. THIS IS E Z! I don't care if you don't even speak Englsh (obviously you do). You are approaching this like it's a class assignment that will be graded Pass/Fail, and you have no idea what the assignment is. No! Every college essay -- Harvard, Podunk Community College, University of Texas -- is the same: "Who are you?" The person (usually 2 or 3 of them) who picks it up and reads it is going through THOUSANDS of these. Most of them are worthless. Reason being, they try so hard to impress the admissions committees, and these people still have no idea who they're dealing with when they've finished wasting their time. They spend most of their day reading through the lines. Then they have a meeting, and share what they THINK they may know. Spend your weekend thinking about YOU. What in the world made you decide one day to devote 4 years of your life and UMPTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS studying film? Do you care about film? Tell us why. And DO NOT spend a single letter of your essay impressing anyone, because that WILL GET YOU NOWHERE! Think less. Feel more. Stop worrying. If you really do want to go into that line of work, you have passion -- and not just about film or art, but about everything. My guess is, you won't know which one to talk about once you really get down to business. And there is the next key to a great essay: MAKE IT SHORT AND SWEET. This is I can tell you VERY VERY PAINFUL. Because once you get started, you are off to the races, describing things you'd forgotten all about, that you've never put into words, that you did not realize yourself matter so much to you. And it comes gushing out. Hold everything. Get out the red pen, and make this a maximum ONE PAGE in Times New Roman 12 point type. Write it not to a committee, but to your best friend. Then adjust accordingly, take out the slang, leave in the creative, wacky stuff that will make them smile, and you are DONE. Few students can pull this off. They are TERRIBLE on paper, because it is all baloney. You're a teenager. Talk like one. Write like one. Think less, feel more. At some point, you will realize you have been waiting for this moment for years. Good luck. Go write..
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