Would you consider this depression?

Would you consider this depression? Topic: Journal writing and stress
June 25, 2019 / By Isolde
Question: I've noticed throughout this year that I've been really sad. I won't say that it's lasted for a year straight but more often than it should. You see, I like to trap myself in my mind with my thoughts. I could say I'm bit of an over-thinker; so a few months back I decided to keep a journal to get all my sad thoughts out. I dated every-time I wrote inside and I started it on July 22nd. I wrote in it on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26st, then on August 3rd, 4th, 5th, 12th, 13th, 20th, 24nd, 25rd, 26st, 27th, 28th, 29th, 31st, then September 5th, 7th, and today. (Don't know why that matters but whatever) I don't have a reason to be sad all the time. I have a loving family, friends, etc. I have everything in the world to be happy about but I just can't be happy. And it isn't that some days I'm like, "I feel sort of happy today" it's just a constant switch from sad to apathetic. numb. The days I wrote in the journal were the days I contemplated suicide. I haven't thought about it in awhile but I still feel the same. It's not something I want to let my parents know about because I'm too ashamed. "Hey mom and dad, your daughter here. Just wanted to let you know that I'm sad and I've accepted death at an early age. Sorry you wasted so much time on me." I'm a tired soul. Any advice or input will be greatly appreciated. I should also note that I'm 15. I can already see the comments saying, "Those are normal teenage feelings."
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Eliza Eliza | 2 days ago
As a "dangerously depressed" (yes they actually write that) 15 year old as well i know what you are going through. My first suggestion is that you be very very careful what you put into a journal. Writing is amazing but i prefer poetry because it is mostly hard to tell the meaning. I believe that my life is my own and if i should reach the point of death at my own hand then so be it. I do not recommend this to you, this is simply my personal thought. Have your parents or friends noticed at all? If not then you have become very good at lying, as have i. In your case, this is good. Here are a couple things i have learned which are not meant to scare, only help you: therapists and anyone working to "help" others are doing it because they liked it as a kid. Now, they do it because they get paid. They DO NOT care about you. I have met exceptions, but most do not care. Also, i cant stress enough, keep writing. Just be careful. Leave a path behind you that, if found, can show insight to who you really are. Be proud that you can endure this pain that no one understands and always know there are people like you, like me, out there. You will never be alone. Good luck to you Jane.
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Eliza Originally Answered: Has anyone taken Cymbalta with Remeron for depression? If so how fast did you feel the depression go?
remeron can have the side effect of causing drowsiness, and psychiatrists like prescribing it as a sleeping pill because it is not a narcotic. taking the cymbalta in the morning helps with the insomnia it can produce, if he doesn't already do that.

Chonsie Chonsie
Well Jane, the kind of depression that gets people admitted to hospital is a lot more severe than that. It does sound worse than typical teenage angst though. Antidepressant drugs are really not very good for young people and I think psychology would be something to consider. You talk about thinking in an unhelpful way and I believe a type of therapy called cognitive behavioural therapy is about learning better ways of thinking. I have never had it so I don't know much about it. Some people talk about special diets and taking exercise. I suppose it is worth trying, can't do any harm. While you are doing physical things, it is possible your mind will be a quieter place. It is worth trying comedy to see if it gets a smile out of you.
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Aubrey Aubrey
Feeling angry or sad sometimes is normal teenage emotions. But if you are constantly feeling down about yourself and just struggle through every day then yes it is depression-maybe not a severe kind but still depression. I suggest that you get involved. Try a new sport or club or something in your school, and try out new hobbies. What do you have to lose right? Not only will trying out new things help you get your mind off some things but if you find something that your good at and challenge to be the best at that it also gives you really good motivation and drive. I hoped this helped. Good luck :)
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Abaigael Abaigael
i've got had melancholy for a at the same time as and that i think comparable to you a large style of the time. honestly get help. (this is no longer 2 weeks, btw. this is 2 years. yet there are different techniques of diagnosing it.) Suicidal techniques ability it's time to speak to somebody. It became the final selection I ever made. you would be happy you probably did. :) stable success!
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Abaigael Originally Answered: Seriously need help with depression?
Everyone has their down days, and it seems like you're having yours. Honestly, everyone feels like no one cares about them sometimes - it's the way of teenage life. All I can say is that you should either try and talk with your closest friends more, and have a long one-and-one conversation. If that doesn't work, than try to make new friends by joining a new extra-curricular activity. Whenever I feel like no one understands me and I'm all alone, I just blast my music and write down all my thoughts. Just know that high school life is a pain in the **** (a stronger word of 'bum' was what I was trying to say before it had been filtered), and it, too, will past. After all, whoever says that high school years were the best years of their lives obviously didn't do much with their life :) Just hang on! Edit: Hahaha, I whole-heartedly agree with the post that said you should go on to fmylife.com ! It's the best site in the world, and it makes me laugh out loud at times.

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